if you happen to be on friendster, you’d know that my current occupation is a professional bum plus a yaya and maid on the side…i’ve never been so busy in my life!!! okay, i know those aren’t my kids but i just love taking care of ’em..haaaay!makes me wanna be a mom..but don’t get me wrong…i dont want to have a baby on my own now..not anytime soon…its just that seeing a woman with her baby makes me green with envy…really…one of my greatest fears is not being able to bear a child or experience being a real mom.( I don’t agree with adoption. I don’t know why. Maybe because its just so saddening. Continue reading THOUGHTS ON MOTHERING

I found this amusing…

moi: me, okay nab a tong suot ko? (pointing to my outfit:khaki skirt, fitted black chinese blouse, and yellow gold heels)

mom: wow! Dalaga ka na!!

moi: duh…(then smiles)

duh if im not!! It’s the first time I heard my mom say that…and I think its funny too..i bet she never thought of me as a “real lady” always her “baby” (yeah damulag)…i always wore skirts and blouses naman but it was the first time in ages since I last wore heels..she must have found it really nice…and I bet she really thought that I look dalaga…but hello?!? I always thought of myself as that..hmmm…natawa lang talaga ko ewan ko lang…i think my feet look better in flats..and besides, im so tall I wouldn’t want much to tower over my friends..but i wore them for a already graduate and I think I have to upgrade my wardrobe..(ooops!delikado to!patay tayo jen..magastos ala pa kong work at papa…bwehehe..)….la lang…just wondering?! What are my parents thinking and how they’re feeling now that im graduate?? Ha!naku…mag-aasawa na ata ang anak namin..wahahahaha!!! not in a million years momma! Next 5 million years pa…wahahahahaha!!