I Want a Kenneth Jay Lane

First learned about this from my friend Kookie. She sells fruity necklaces and I managed to buy two: strawberry and the other one an apple. But I still can’t get over the original.


Kenneth Jay Lane Strawberry Necklace


I have long gotten tired of accessories. I, one day, felt am a bit too old for all the kikayan. But you know, once a kikay, always a kikay. Haha. So I am desperately wanting to buy this Kenneth Jay Lane. Costs about a hundred dollars. I wouldn’t dare spend on this but I am hoping one good soul would purchase this for me. Nope. I’m not expecting Joshie to buy me but a friend on the other side of the world. :p

And hey, I just bought a Custo Barcelona sling bag that I absolutely adore. :p

(Just don’t tell my boyfriend that I’m back to my old ways…Hehe.)

Pinoy Merianda Anyone?

I just had the heartiest meal in weeks. Turon plus kwek-kwek. Yummy! I’ve been looking for something to eat but couldn’t find anything since the ref is empty. Good thing my cousin Juju brought home a pack of instant noodles for me to cook for her. My nephew Nav saw what she was anything and asked me to cook for him. So I ran to my Tita’s sari-sari store. I was supposed to buy just a pack but instead I bought two for my other cousin and 4 packs of chips for the kids. On my way home, I passed by this woman selling kwek-kwek, turon, and mais con hielo! Perfect I said to myself. Now I have something good to eat. I bought all the kwek-kwek left and 4 pieces of turon. I didn’t eat everything…just half turon and 6 pieces of kwek-kwek dipped in vinegar. While the kids were busy with their noodles, there I was enjoying mine. Good thing I bought a hundred bucks so I was able to feed myself and the kids. Today turon and kwek-kwek…tomorrow mais con hielo! Hehehe. Don’t you just love Pinoy street food. 🙂

Bummed Out

It’s official. I’ll be a bum after this week. I can’t wait to just stay at home and enjoy my summer to the fullest. But since I have no moolah to spend and just spend, I am listing down things I want to do starting next week:


  • go to Baguio with my officemates! I am crossing my fingers that I’d still have enough money. Sheesh.
  • clean my room. again. and the living room, and my parents’ room, and the kitchen. spring cleaning..err summer cleaning
  • learn to create wordpress themes. yeah baby…i will try my best.
  • and create customized multiply themes. of course, after i learn how to do WP. wish!
  • blog everyday!!! i will try..promise…to try..hehe..
  • update my website..and promote it..
  • have a regular devotion…i have no excuse this time.
  • hit the gym!!! that is …if i can still afford to pay the membership fee…if not…jog early in the morning…or walk the dog..haha!
  • minister…again. and yes, i also have no excuse this time.
  • do some freelance. more like…work full time..at home..:p
  • watch my diet. please.
  • spend atleast an hour watching dvd everyday. i’ll buy as much as many dvds when i get my last salary.
  • go online 24/7. hahaha. just wait til i get my next bill.
  • be with my joshie. since we’ll both be jobless next month, now we have no excuse to be together. all i need is an internet connection and my macbook with me…yes, even when i’m with him. can’t afford to go offline.haha.
  • update my multiply. regularly.
  • read read and read. i have a handful of books i haven’t finished or even started reading. will read promise.
  • sleep early. yeah right.
  • etc etc etc…

I can’t wait really. I’m a bum, I’m a bum! Yay!

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