Tuesday, September 02

ei! my last entry was long…i thought i said i couldnt get my hands do the clicking…liar!!

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music | time after time – eva cassidy

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i want to write, write, and write a long blog but i just cant get my hands do the clicking…a lot of things have been going on my mind lately..so i’ll just post some snippets here:

room is still cluttered..or should i say…passage restrictive..etoy cant walk through my room
i wanna see Keka!!!
PLUMB rocks!!! the concert was so great i wanted to buy her new cd but i cant…didnt have enough moolah..my bro wouldn’t split money with me…
i recently had a booboo with this computer..tsktsk…
im so ‘tamad’ to go to school..especially after i passed our thesis..is this normal?? heck, yeah..for me…i’m always tamad..IT IS NORMAL..
i just found out that i have mild scoliosis…yep…mild…so that means it can still be corrected…good Lord!
my besty in the states wont call me…whats the matter with her??
i had fun at the spy kids movie…had fun taking on an off the glasses..hehe..ohm btw, i slept through the entire game challenge of the spy kids…fun huh?!
i find shaina Über pretty…ooooh! showbiz..

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music | butterfly(acoustic) – lenny kravitz

Friday, August 29

sinusumapa ko talaga yang mga dagang yan!!!!!aaaaaaargh!!!!!!i hate you!!!!you ate my champola!!!!huhuhuhuhu now i have to settle for sticko…grrrrr…

I HAVE TICKETS TO THE PLUMB CONCERT!!! yahoo!!!!thanx to my ever fave JMA-er..hehehe

mood | happy

music | what it is to burn – finch

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“Paris. First class. International—is the only way to happiness. It’s your destiny.”

These were the words that stuck to Donna’s mind that helped her achieve her dream of becoming an international stewardess… off to Paris. But before ‘Paris’, she went through a lot of difficulties including having failed the test for stewardess-ship(is there such a word?) and as always..her love life ..but I wont focus on that anymore. Donna wanted Paris as destination but instead were assigned to Cleveland . Her mentor Sally, a world-class flight stewardess, gave her ‘those words’ that made her strive for the best. She didn’t settle for ‘Cleveland’ and worked her way up to flying to Paris.and yahoooooo!! She finally did!!! But how? (im not in the mood to tell you the details..so see the movie for yourself…hehe)…

Now what girl??? i now ask myself “Whats my “PARIS”? …..and what’s yours??? Hmmmm….have a lot…the list is endless…i have to evaluate them though..need to think of the more important ones….aight?!?

Starring Gwyneth PAltrow, the movie View from the Top was the first movie I’ve seen since Full Throttle. I promised myself to drown in movies after my thesis writing and I finally had the chance to fulfill it… courtesy of my ate(tnx!). We were supposed to see Spy Kids 3d with baby Etoy but too bad… he’s sick. We can’t afford to drag him though he would love to see it very much. Next week perhaps?

Thursday, August 28

i finished reading a comic book while waiting for my sister this afternoon…was standing for more than 2 hours buts that’s okay..the book was good…kinda bitin lang … it’s called AFTER EDEN..comic-cum-novel written by Arnold Arre…yep! He’s a Filipino and his book won an award(forgot na) …cool eh?! Its kinda anime-ish because of the graphics..i usually ignore comics with anime looking characters because I just hate them..i don’t know why..yeah..they’re cute but I just cant stand them..they’re so…I don’t know ..anyway..even if I hate ‘em, i found myself liking the book and endured my sore feet and my backache(which has been my prob for more than a week now )…anyway, the comic..er…book…was mainly about 2 people(though there were 6 characters)..a guy and a girl (mushy!!love story pala eh..hehe)..they were 2 separate people seemingly tired of their lives…they met and fell in love…turned out they were childhood friends…(think lavender..hehe)…they were so inlove with each other that they forgot about their friends..and these friends obviously became so jealous that they did mean things to separate them..and they succeeded!! Bad..i just hope my friends wouldn’t do that if they won’t like my guy..(q:meron na ba?? a:wala!!!) …the story ended without them reconciling…or atleast that’s how I understood it…(bummer..bitin tlg!!) pero ok lang…

btw, my partner and I already passed the 1st draft of our thesis last Monday….praises!praises!!! weeeeeeh! Im a free woman!!..atleast for the next few days…hehe..


already bought jacivelasquez’s new cd UNSPOKEN..nice..
wanna buy another cd..paolo santos’ vcd coz my friend egay’s there…wanna see his infamous hair…if it registers well on tv..hehehe..its the hair pare!!!its the hair!!! hows barbie??ehehe..

First Day

my first day at work went okay..the people were all nice..it was so cold inside I should always bring a jacket…I think I made more than a dozen trips to the bathroom…there are no “papables” because most of them are real “papas”..(hehe..whattaterm..:p) but that’s okay, I don’t need their attention anymore..(uuuuy!)…what else?? mmm…I don’t wanna pass thru GSC coz im tempted to look around and buy…Lord, help me..
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God is really good


God is really good. Remember, I blogged about wanting Him to answer my prayer for a job, the next morning He did!!! I just didn’t tell you about it coz I wanted to make sure first. I received a call from the company whose job offer I actually turned down before because I knew I can’t do the job. Anyway, the person who interviewed me was going on a maternity leave so she was thinking of a replacement. I was so delighted because that means she must really like me. And so I went to the office for another interview, it went okay. The manager said they’d call me again and they just did yesterday. I’d start working on Monday so you might not “read” me regularly. I’d be working there for 3 months only so I’d be looking for another job after that. Atleast, I’d be out of the house. Not that I hate it here, its just that I’m beginning to get bored and I don’t wanna be wasted. The compensation is not that okay(atleast for me who’s thinking of doing some serious shopping after I get my first ‘real’ paycheck…hehe) but that’s okay. Atleast.


There are things I know I should stop doing but I still keep on doing them. Grrrr.


I really like the song “To the Ends of the Earth” by Hillsong. La lang.


My back is really aching. I need help!!!

A few things…

i miss my blog so much. I had lots of things on my mind but I wasn’t able to blog about them …and now, I just cant remember them all!!aaargh! I just hate it when my precious thoughts go to waste..and besides, k moks wants me to post post post…and so, I’ll just post this..again..stolen from ida’s new blog.. sorry….

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