All Aboard! A Noah’s Ark-themed Party

Almost 3 years too late but it’s only now that I’m sharing a full documentation of how I planned for this party. If you happen to visit this blog searching for a Noah’s Ark Party, then this is especially for you. ๐Ÿ˜€

This wasn’t the first party I’ve helped planned but the first I did on my own. I’ve had this them in mind even before Noah was born. The Noah’s Ark Theme was an obvious choice. Most baby showers, baptisms, and dedications have such theme so Noah’s Ark it is.

Even before we finally decided we’d have a big party, I already bought the party favors from an online Multiply store called Loot Bugs. I think Noah was only a month old when I started buying from the store, not knowing what I’d really do with them. I had ideas but I wasn’t sure if I’d actually do them because husband had not said ‘yes’ to a party yet.

When he finally did, I started researching for ideas. Thank God for Google for helping me. I was looking for that one Noah’s Ark image where I will base everything from. I decided on this:

Whimsical Noah’s Ark Theme

The next thing I did was to order Noah’s Ark party supplies from Party Pail and had the items sent to the Philippines via my trusted shopping partner Johnny Air.

I bought the centerpiece, confetti, mobile, candles, mini treat boxes, keychains, table cover, table napkins, dessert plates, and paper cups from the website. Total cost was $79.


I then prepared a Noah’s Ark Save the Date announcement which I sent to guests via e-mail:

For the party invitation, I asked my bestfriend’s husband, Patrick Tan of Design 911, to design it. I asked to simple base it on the Whimsical Ark image. He also did our wedding invitation. As expected, it turned out really great. Very cute!

I also asked Kuya Jeric, Patrick’s bro-in-law, to make a caricature of Noah with the animals. I planned on using this as a backdrop or flash this on a screen.

I designed the map myself. Thanks to Google Maps.

Notice the caricature on right? That’s Joshua, Noah, and I. It’s the 3rd version already of this caricature.

I had the invites printed from Digiprint, bought different colored envelopes from National Bookstore, and used the animal sponge stickers I bought from Pioneer Center. The stickers were a random find and each set was only 20 pesos. I bought ten because they’re too cute. Cost of each invitation was less than P10. The result was this:

Little Noah handing his Lolo Tem the invitation

For the godparents, we gave Noah’s Ark Keychains placed inside the Noah’s Ark Treat Boxes. I put a note inside that said, “Remember to pray for Noah when you see this keychain” or something like that.ย  I forgot.

Party Favors for the Godparents
Noah’s Ark Keychain for the Ninongs and the Ninangs

For the grandparents, Joshua’s parents and mine, we gave them this:

For the guests, we gave away the wooden animal pencils I earlier bought. I printed small Thank You tags and tied them on the pencils. I remember preparing colorful and animal-themed notepads, small wooden magnets, and erasers too. Like I said, I went overboard! I also remember buying Noah’s Ark Magnets as gifts to our Principal Sponsors during our wedding. I just can’t find a photo right now but they’re the ones wrapped behind the pencil party favors below.

The party was held in a big function room inside the village. We used to live in Bel-Air so we had 50 percent discount. I remember paying P2,500 for the venue. We were thinking of having the party inside the house because it was big and there was a spacious garden but we were afraid of cleaning and the guests being a delight to the mosquitoes. Hehe.

For the party decor, I didn’t want to spend a lot so most of them were made by yours truly. I ordered a Rainbow Ark set and Hanging Balloons from Theresemer. I asked for this…

…but ended up with a smaller one. This cost me P1,500. Still cute.

Hanging balloons. I ordered 8 sets. Now I wish I ordered more. One set cost P100 only.


I made the balloon centerpiece myself, bought colored cartolinas, and crayons to put in each table. My idea was to have the guests write or draw something for Noah. I also remember printing the Noah’s Ark story for the guests to read on each table.

I printed copies of the Whimsical Noah’s Ark Image on a sticker paper and placed them on each balloon


Who made this? ๐Ÿ˜€

I ordered the tables and chairs from Gem’s Balloons. Unfortunately, they delivered the items in the morning while we weren’t there. We had to set them up ourselves. Who set up the tables and chairs? Me and my mom-in-law’s maid Lor. As in, ako ha! Lesson learned: decide on a delivery time and hire people. I forgot where Joshua was but obviously, he was only doing my many requests.

We ordered the food from a caterer our churchmate, Noah’s Ninang Wendy, recommended. I remember we had carbonara, chicken, shanghai, sandwich, lechon as a gift from Tita Merci, and chocolate fountain prepared lovingly by my mom.

I can’t find photos of the food but here’s Lola Vishi and her famous chocolate fountain:

My mom Vaisy, Lola Vishi to her grandkids, prepared a Chocolate Fondue that everybody enjoyed
Need I say more?

I bought the colored plates, cups, spoons, and forks from the grocery. The food we served ourselves which I think was a mistake. Lesson learned: hire waiters.

I prepared cupcakes too.ย  I did not bake them but I prepared them with icing to be as cute and complement the Whimsical Noah’s Ark centerpiece I got. The cake stand I borrowed from Nio. I got too excited preparing the cupcakes that I prepared about a hundred: 60 boxed and the rest displayed on the stand.

I printed animals pairs to serve as cupcake toppers and the centerpiece I got I placed on top…

That’s me, (30 lbs ago!)ย  Noah, and my husband Joshua and the Noah’s Ark Cupcake Tower
Cupcake boxes from Sweet Craft for the guests
I also bought Noah’s Ark chocolate mold from the US and had them delivered together with the other Noah’s Ark loot. My mom made the Noah’s Ark Chocolate Lollipop.

The event started with a video prepared by our churchmate Claudine Rodriguez. I simply sent her photos and the songs I wanted and didn’t even bother watching it before the party. As expected, it was awesome! The video almost made me cry but I had to control myself. Di pa nga nag-uumpisa ang party!

Here is the video:

Pastor Jerry, our church’s former Senior Pastor officiated the dedication ceremony. It was a very special event for us. Joshua and I wanted to bring glory to God and show the guests that we are raising Noah in the fear of the Lord, praying that he will be an obedient and loving child of God.

This was during the dedication proper. Noah was well-behaved and was even laughing at one part. Sorry, but I can’t find a clearer photo.

And just because I wanted to, I rented an animal standee from Bebe’s Balloons.

My niece Unique and nephew Neicky
Cute! Ninang Karen, Sarj, and her nephew
ICS Youth – our church’s youth group


Noah was almost 6 months here


We ended up with 140 guests! We spent more or less P40,000 for this party. It would’ve been less if not for the unnecessary kaartehan. (Seriously!) I went overboard with the favors. As in OA! ย It was fun though! I know everybody had fun. Noah may not understand what was happening then but someday, we’ll show him these photos ย and know that mommy went overboard. Lol!

I hope you learn from me and my Lessons on Party Planning.

It’s been more than two years but thank you to everyone who came. Until the next party!


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  1. Hi there,

    I was searching for Noah’s Ark party inspirations for my baby boy who I also named Noah. He is turning 1 on November but as early as now i am starting to gather ideas for his Noah’s ark themed party. Good thing i found your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ May I ask where did you buy the Noah’s ark keychain and candles please? I like those as souvenir items as well ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to your reply ๐Ÿ™‚



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