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Thrifty Thursday: Vintage Hippie Dress

I’m starting this little blog project where I’d post daily snippets of my love, life, and Lord. I’ll begin with this Thrifty Thursday where I’d be posting the stuff I scored at such a low price or maybe some THRIFTY TIPS. I can be a cheapskate if I want to. I shop at thrift and vintage shops aka Ukay-Ukay without any shame. I think most of my clothes in my closet now I bought from U2. Haha! Not that I cannot afford to buy but I like it better when my clothes are unique. I like to be trendy yet different at the same time.

Girls, I’ve got a “walk-in-closet”. It was a dream come true for me. It’s not really a separate, small room for my clothes. I just converted the extra space in our bedroom into my own space since there are only a few cabinets in our new apartment. One of these days, I’ll take a photo of my closet and share with you.

My husband and I work at home and luckily, we can wear lounge wear aka pambahay for work. I only realized that my dresses are being wasted if I only get to wear them on weekends when we’re out. Why not dress up for “work” everyday. I’m keeping my pambahay clothes already. Seriously.

Anyway, here’s a photo of the dress I’m wearing right now. It’s a Vintage Hippie Dress I bought for only EIGHTY PESOS (P80 which is a little less than 2 dollars)!

vintage hippie dress

I had to stand on a chair to take this photo. I couldn’t stand in front my dress mirror located in our living room because the baby was sleeping on the sofa.

I have more thrifted stuff to share. You’d be amazed at my shopping skills. LOL!