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Losing Perspective

As long as we live, we will always be discouraged. And when we are discouraged, more often than not, we lose our perspective.  It’s a sad occurrence but it’s true. People disappointed or irritated sometimes do or say things they don’t really mean. It’s takes a lot of effort and spirit to be calm and stand firm amidst all the pressure. We can’t do it on our own. You can’t. We need the Word of God to remind us to have a calm spirit and a still heart.

Look to God. Read the Word. If reading the Scriptures is what it takes to calm your spirit, do it. You have to.

You are my hiding place and my shield, I wait for Your Word. Psalm 119:114

Faith Friday: A Blueprint That Works

God has given each one of us a plan and a purpose. To know those things can be a challenge to some but He gives us the Holy Spirit to reveal to us. God is also able to reveal the ways how those plans are to be carried out in our lives.

His Word is perfect and true. The Word of God is worthy to be read and studied over and over again. God’s Word is a Blueprint. Like an architect that makes and follows a blueprint of a house, the Scripture is the Lord’s instructions for living.

It is the truth. It never changes. Why? Because the Author is God and He changes not.

When stress gets the best of you, read a Scripture and allow the peace of God to calm you down. Meditating on God’s word can help you overcome anything: your fears, worries, and heartaches.

Read His Word. Spend time meditating on it. Apply His Word in your life.

 “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.
Do what it says.”

James 1:22 (NIV)


Faith Friday: In Heaven

I had to let it out. So I cried again. I felt I haven’t been soaking in His presence. I’ve been neglecting Him all week long. I was so caught up with something that I hardly had time for my Father. I was so enamored with what declarations could offer me.

I left for a week. Maybe more. But just one day, He called me. Not again.

But that’s just how I really am my child?


Remember my promise??



Yes Lord.

You never learn. But I still love you. Its called grace.

I’m sorry. That’s all I could say. Sorry. I don’t want to promise anything. Help me on this. I know You will.

When was the last time I REALLY sang with the angels?!? In the heavens?!?

That one day. I was in heaven. I forgot I was singing in front of many. All I had in mind was God was my only audience. Away with my inhibitions. At last!

I had to yield. I had to let it out. My heart had to shout. So tears rolled down again my cheek.


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