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A Not So Happy Mother’s Day

It was supposed to be my first unofficial Mother’s Day. I was so excited to finally come up to the stage of our church, be recognized, and be prayed for the congregation. Our pastor even called me the day before to remind me to stand and come when the mothers are called. I was three months pregnant then. I was an over-eager mom-to-be.

I went inside the sanctuary smiling because it was ‘My Day’. Finally, I’m a mother! There was a child growing inside me. A lot of church people were greeting me a very “Happy Mother’s Day”. I was ecstatic! I was too joyful that people actually recognize that I am a woman carrying a person in my womb, ready to become a mother in a few months time.

The service started and soon the praise and worship singing ended. Pastor requested all the mothers to stand up and come to the front. I was so ready to stand and walk away from my seat when somebody told me, “Dyan ka muna, hindi ka pa nanay“. Ouch! That has got to be the baddest, most hurtful greeting I’ve received in my entire life. I woke up that day so excited that it would be my first Mother’s Day Sunday only to be asked to be seated by one. I know it was said in jest but how was I to react? It was certainly uncalled for. Especially from a person whom I expected should have been more than excited that I was pregnant.

I was hurt. Deeply hurt. Call me OA but I was hurt, BIG TIME.

And then I saw all the mothers lining up in front. I couldn’t help my emotions. I stood up and went to the side of the sanctuary. There I hid all throughout the service, crying. I was pregnant. I was with child. Crying. On a day I so looked forward to.

My first unofficial Mother’s Day became a not so happy one. All because of those words.

But thank God for my husband who stayed with me and comforted me.

This happened two years ago.

To this day, I have not forgotten. Forgiven yes, forgotten no.

That incident hurt me. That incident brought about a lot of change.

Nothing has changed. Things only became worse.

Connector and Facilitators Tasks and Expectations


1. One who engages himself with the people by initiating a conversation or a simple exchange of words as a starting point.

2. One who wears a smile to facilitate a welcoming and approachable atmosphere for the students.


One who ensures that no one in the assigned group is left behind or out of place, everyone in the group is given the opportunity to talk and feel belonged.

Intercedes with Thanksgiving

One who makes a change on the spiritual climate of his group by interceding with thanksgiving to God in behalf of his group especially during the event. John 12:32 “And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself.”


Each connector-facilitator is expected:

1. To attend the briefing and debriefing sessions 30 minutes before and after the event for prayer time unless there was a prior engagement.

2. To know his assigned group of 10-15 1st and 2nd year college students.

3. To get to know each of his member and fill up the info group sheet that contains the contact nos. and email address of his members. This information is critical to follow-up the students.

4. To be present and participates in every small group processing or group activity that necessitates his assistance.

5. To prepare himself spiritually for this event since this is a bridge activity of eventually connecting the students and staff to Christ.

6. To maximize every opportunity to connect and minister to his group members whether just by wearing a smile at all times. When the Manga Missions magazine is distributed at the later part of the Workshop, let’s briefly walk through the student and encourage reading it from beginning to end.

7. To observe the simple follow-up plan for his group members (potential seekers).

Things Not To Do within the Program Proper

1. No sharing of the Gospel while the program is ongoing.

2. No prayer of acceptance/sinner’s prayer be conducted within the Program proper.

Follow-Up Plan (1 week)

1. During the workshop, we will ask the participants to answer the spiritual survey and get their personal information; this is simultaneous with our giving of Manga Missions magazine as our souvenir, gift for the students and staff of STI.

2. Within 24 hours since the initial contact with student, the connector-facilitator sends a text message expressing his thanks for the participation of the student, his delight to get to know him even in a short span of time and informs of the evaluation form. The ICS Chi Alpha team will  email the evaluation form pertaining to the Impact Seminar to the student.

3. Within 24 – 48 hrs as well, after responding to the survey and the students is Searching/Open/Interested, we prioritize to invite for a talk preferably at the 180 Degrees Activity Center since this is set for this purpose and accessible for the STI students. If in case, the connector-facilitator is not available within that week, it should be referred to the ICS Chi-Alpha Team (Ptra. Grace, Attina, Hani) to link up with the student and do STAR.

If the response is Unconcerned/Questioning/Doubting/Hostile, we ask why and offer to pray for the student and how we could be of help as needed. We refer to the ICS Chi Alpha Team and we park that contact on our database and praying that their hearts would respond in the next bridge events.

(All sample text messages and spiritual surveys will be given during the General Orientation and Meeting of Volunteers on Sun, October 07, 2012, 4:30-6PM at the 180 degrees Activity Center, as well as all questions and clarifications will be entertained there.)

ICS Chi-Alpha Team is very much open for more campus volunteers (esp. disciplers, care group leaders) and intercessors regardless of age as long as has a heart to minister to our students. We see a vast harvest of students and staff coming, praise God!