A Not So Happy Mother’s Day

It was supposed to be my first unofficial Mother’s Day. I was so excited to finally come up to the stage of our church, be recognized, and be prayed for the congregation. Our pastor even called me the day before to remind me to stand and come when the mothers are called. I was three months pregnant then. I was an over-eager mom-to-be.

I went inside the sanctuary smiling because it was ‘My Day’. Finally, I’m a mother! There was a child growing inside me. A lot of church people were greeting me a very “Happy Mother’s Day”. I was ecstatic! I was too joyful that people actually recognize that I am a woman carrying a person in my womb, ready to become a mother in a few months time.

The service started and soon the praise and worship singing ended. Pastor requested all the mothers to stand up and come to the front. I was so ready to stand and walk away from my seat when somebody told me, “Dyan ka muna, hindi ka pa nanay“. Ouch! That has got to be the baddest, most hurtful greeting I’ve received in my entire life. I woke up that day so excited that it would be my first Mother’s Day Sunday only to be asked to be seated by one. I know it was said in jest but how was I to react? It was certainly uncalled for. Especially from a person whom I expected should have been more than excited that I was pregnant.

I was hurt. Deeply hurt. Call me OA but I was hurt, BIG TIME.

And then I saw all the mothers lining up in front. I couldn’t help my emotions. I stood up and went to the side of the sanctuary. There I hid all throughout the service, crying. I was pregnant. I was with child. Crying. On a day I so looked forward to.

My first unofficial Mother’s Day became a not so happy one. All because of those words.

But thank God for my husband who stayed with me and comforted me.

This happened two years ago.

To this day, I have not forgotten. Forgiven yes, forgotten no.

That incident hurt me. That incident brought about a lot of change.

Nothing has changed. Things only became worse.

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