Julia Turns 1

It was the most organized kiddie birthday party I’ve attended so far. Kudos to Mommy Carla for planning the party, Daddy France for the Bubble Show (Josh enjoyed it), and of course, to the birthday girl, Noah’s co-Elmo buddy Julia.

Josh loved the food prepared by Contis while I enjoyed the Red Mango FroYo booth. As for Noah, he enjoyed eating his watch and hands and making sure his gelled up hair wouldn’t be destroyed. 😀

Noah: Lalalala lalalala…Juya song….
Julia: Whatever…


Sesame Streeet Theme Birthday Party
Sesame Street Themed Party
Joshua carrying Noah, Chowie carrying Amanda, and Sabrina in the background

Sesame Streeet Theme Birthday Party
2/3 of the 13 NEEDLES Babies
Amanda and Noah fighting over the balloons

Sesame Streeet Theme Birthday Party
Sesame Street Birthday Backdrop Design
I forgot the name of the party planner. Sorry.

Sesame Streeet Theme Birthday Party
Sesame Street Party Favors – Goldfish in a Bowl
We brought home a bow and named it “Bubbles”. Two days later, it died. 🙁

julia concio

I have yet to see the official photos from their photographer. Good thing I stumbled upon Nice Print’s blog. Check them out HERE.

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