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Official Iron Man 3 Trailer

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 | April 2013

Marvel just released the official trailer of the Iron Man 3 movie.

Iron Man is my favorite superhero! I never read the comics but the movies (the first two plus The Avengers) were enough to get me interested. I like him because he’s “human”. He can be arrogant but just right. I couldn’t think of anyone better for the role other than Robert Downey, Jr. 😀

My husband and I, we don’t often watch movies in movie houses. We categorize movies into two: “watchable” and “downloadable”. Hehe. The last movie we saw was The Avengers and I had one of the best sleeps ever. Lol! I’m becoming so much like my mom who snoozes every time her head touches the chair. But Iron Man 3, I can say pwede kaming gumastos ng 300 pesos. Haha!