The Promise (Wedding Vow Song) by Moira dela Torre

Playing this song over and over again. Check out the lyrics below. You’re welcome. 😀


The Promise
Moira dela Torre Wedding Vow Song

There’s a fear in my eyes when I see you
Of tomorrow’s appear in a blink
Fear in there be a day when I will awake
And I wouldn’t find you near

There are days when the path seem to shadow
All the hope that you’ve gathered from me
But then the darkness fades and then I wake
And I feel love setting us free

And all I want the fears disappear
Knowing that I have you year
Though lies may come
There’s nothing I can do
For I see His promise
When I look at you

So I thank you for all of your patience
For loving me even when I explode
Taking all of the pain with nothing else to gain
Just knowing I don’t feel alone

Oh I promise that I’ll always choose you
I will trust you wherever you lead
And when there are days when you feel afraid
I promise I won’t walk away

Cause all I want my future is here
Together with all of my dreams
Though storm may come there’s nothing I can do
For He keeps His promise
And the promise is you

So I stand here today with a promise
That together we’ll run towards love
That I know there were days
Weather a chance or it rains together
We’ll lift up our praise

And when our time here has ended
And God asks me what I had been through
I will lay at His feet all our victories
And thank Him for giving me you
I’ll always thank Him for giving me you

Through battle as one and fears overcome
I found a faithful one
Through highs and lows
You will never be alone

Forever and always
My forever and always
Forever and always
I love you my home


PS: I’m not sure if the title of the song is really “The Promise”. Please correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂

Man After God’s Own Heart

I’ve always known David to be a ‘Man After God’s own heart’ but I never really understood what it meant until the past few lessons in our Bible Study. David, Son of Jesse, the line from which Jesus descended, was a perfect example of a person truly humble, respectful, and trusting of the Father. He always inquired of the Lord and only then he would move to a new direction.

Even if he knew that he would be king after Samuel anointed him, David was humble and patient enough to wait on the Lord and His perfect timing. He was respectful of Saul even if the King was harsh towards him. The latter’s numerous attempts to kill him did not hinder David from following God. He chose to wait and not fight back despite his strength.

David remained loyal to Saul, even in his death. David, the future king, chose to honor the dead king. He may have had many bad things to say about Saul but he only magnified whatever was admirable of Saul.

This humility of David is unbelievable but it is something you and me must emulate. That even in times of heartache, pain, and suffering, may we choose to say words that will bring glory to God. May only words of wisdom be uttered as they build up God’s people.

To love and live like Jesus is to let go of selfish ambition and pride. I have learned to value others other than myself. Putting others interests above mine even when I know of my rights and capabilities will, hopefully, make a difference in many of my relationships.

“Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart. They also do no iniquity: they walk in his ways.” (Psalm 119:2–3)


MY BSF Bible Study Fellowship Philippines

I know my faith but sometimes, it’s easy to pretend that you KNOW. I am not one to wander around but I have this new found love for The Word. My Bible Study group has been helpful to me in studying. I’ve been reading the Bible with much deeper understanding. I like that it’s systematic and organized. My mind is no longer cluttered and I actually get excited to receive new material every week. You get to study each book, each chapter, and each verse with fresh eyes…and with a heart that is purer…and with a mind that doesn’t over-analyze.

It’s true when they say that some people who grew up in church are those who take for granted their Christianity. I thought I already knew the Bible. I finished all 66 books when I was a teenager and memorized verses by heart. I’ve been active in church especially in my younger years and just before I got married. I grew up with my husband in Children’s Church. We got married in front of our churchmates. Even when I was pregnant, I was still leading praise and worship. My kid now goes to the same Sunday School. Up to now, I can recite several Bible verses almost automatically. Church and worship music have been part of my system for as long as I can remember.

But you know, there is so much to discover about God’s Word and His Being. No, I am not after extra-Biblical revelations…only those that are written, have been explored anew, and that actually came true.

It is written. Right there. In your Bible. Every word about your faith. Your being. Your future. This world. It’s there. So be grounded. Be rooted. In faith. In The Word. In the right doctrine. Don’t go looking elsewhere lest you want to be lost.

I don’t claim to know everything. I just know I should NOT stop learning, reading, and living The Word.

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” (Psalm 119:105, NIV)

All About That GRACE 

What imprisons you?

I used to struggle with unforgiveness and resentment but the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus, that was shed on the Cross was a perfect reminder for me. The past years, God has shown me how Grace changes people, how Grace allows forgiveness, and how Grace gives New Life.

It is never easy to forgive and forget. Honestly, I am still living with consequences of my olds sins but that is part of the journey. Sometimes, the enemy would remind me of the old pain and rejection but looking up to the Cross enables me to hold my head up high. That is not to boast (because no one really can).

I have learned from a handful of people how to live, show, and share Grace. This grace, this unmerited favor, that kind of love you and I don’t deserve but was freely given to us. By whom? By Jesus Christ, the Son of God who became man. He became one of us, was rejected, cursed, scourged, unfairly judged, nailed on the Cross, died, and resurrected.

For what? For whom?

For you and me.

That SIN? Nailed it.

I used to, maybe sometimes I still do, easily judge people but Grace helps me to let go of the past, live in the present, and keep moving forward to a glorious future promised before me.

GRACE. It has always been a favorite word of mine. I pray you taste and see what’s so good about it.

Look to Jesus. Accept the truth that because of His great love for us, He sent forth His one and only Son to save you, a sinner, and be given a new life. Know that your sins can be forgiven. God can give you not just a new lease in life but a brand new one.

Don’t turn back. Don’t let death fear you because believing in the Power of the Cross can give you eternal life.

It’s the name of Jesus that makes all the difference. It’s the Greatest Love that makes things different.

Don’t just believe. Don’t be content in that “happy” feeling. Live your life according to The Word and not just the doctrines and traditions you know.

He is alive! Now, will you let him live in your life?

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved–
you and your household.”(Acts 16:31, NIV)

Stage Mother

Stage Mother MomentsLast Sunday was my son N’s first time to join a church presentation. So giddy and excited because it used to be me and his daddy up there as part of Sunday School before. This was one of those moments that I’ve long been waiting to happen.

He was a bit shy, not moving much but at least he didn’t have any tantrums. (Anak, bigger movements next time. Haha!) I woke up early for this. We were at ICS by 7:30AM. That’s a feat considering we’re always late for the 10 am service (Sorry, Lord). That morning I realized that this is what parents are supposed to do: support their children in their activities, be present in the lives, and start them young in glorifying God—even if it means waking up early! Honestly, it was difficult for me to get up but I just had to. I’m his mother. Accompanying him in all three services even when I had to go home after the 10AM presentation because I needed to sleep (I only had 2 hrs, btw) was something I willingly did because he is my child and I want him to learn how his mommy and daddy met the Lord in church and what serving God means.

I was in the background this time and not up there on stage. It’s my child’s time now. I’m not sure if he would like to perform someday but I know I’d see him on stage someday, somewhere doing something.

We have yet to discover but my husband and I are determined to help nurture his talents. We know that he’ll be into music just like his mom and dad. How come? He couldn’t study without music playing in the background. He already has preference in music requesting for music with “boys only” singing, classical music to put him to sleep, and songs with lots of drums and guitar playing (Snarky Puppy, yeah!). Sometimes, he would request songs “for God and Jesus”. I think he already knows that music can evoke so many feelings.

If N wants to play the guitar, he can have all his daddy’s “toys” and more. That’s why I don’t mind if his dad “invests” in stuff because our son would be able to enjoy them someday. For Christmas, we gave him an electronic drums set–an Alesis DM Lite Kit. Too much a gift for a 5-year old? Well, much of the deciding factor was that it’s also his daddy’s reward to himself. Hihi.

Alesis DM Lite Kit

Sometimes, I think N has this recorder in his brain. He could easily remember songs. I know music but his daddy who’s got a sensitive ear for it and who is very musically inclined says the kiddo can sing out the melody perfectly. He’s not a prodigy but I know he’s gonna be good in music. Needless to say, he’s got a big potential to be like his daddy.

Is it too early to say I’m such a stage mother? Maybe. I just know I will always be there to support him. I think I’m gonna be a soccer mom. Hehe. His dad and I will be there for him–always.

We’ll be there in the backstage or on the front rows, on the bleachers, on the sidewalk, with him on stage, or wherever. We’ll be there for our child. All by God’s grace.

Being a parent is already a ministry. I believe that any Christian parent must first minister to his or her child before going out of great lengths to minister to other people. Right now, this is my place–to minister to this child, teach him the ways of the Lord, discipline him with love and grace, take care of his needs, and simply just be with him.

I also know that this is a privilege–to be able to take care of my husband and son. I see this as a gift–His GRACE in this season of my life.

“Point your kids in the right direction—
when they’re old they won’t be lost.”
Proverbs 22:6 (The Message)

Prayer of Thanksgiving for God’s Generosity

A New Year marks the beginning of many things. It is also the time for us to look back at all the things that happened the past year. Last year was when I declared my word would be ‘Abide‘. I haven’t decided on a word for this year yet. God has not made an impression on me yet but just like last year, I want to offer a New Year’s Prayer.

My husband and I were asked to say our Prayer of Thanksgiving for God’s Generosity at our church today during the Candle Lighting Service. I completely forgot about it and only remembered when I was about to sleep last night. I quickly wrote a prayer and had it reviewed by my husband. I felt the words were not enough so I added a few sentences just before the service. I really asked God to give me the right words to say so that we would be able to bless Him and others.

Allow me to share with you our prayer. I’m making this my New Year’s Prayer too because honestly, God has spoken to me about generous giving a few days ago. What perfect timing! Was this a confirmation? I know this isn’t all about financial giving. Frankly, I do not know what else to give because I sometimes feel we only have enough. But God is gracious. I know in my heart that He will give us more this year so we can generously give to others. I’m not saying they’d be financial blessings but perhaps more of our time, resources, talents, and faith. I’m still clueless but I have faith that God will see us through.


Prayer of Thanksgiving for God's Generosity
During the service, I also prayed for this little one that God will bless him, keep him safe from harm, and that He will grow up to be God-fearing, loving, obedient, talented, and intelligent. That God will be with Noah as He has been with me and my husband.

Prayer of Thanksgiving for God’s Generosity

Lord, we praise and thank You for all that You are. We are grateful for the kind of Father You are to us– loving, forgiving, and gracious. We thank You for your generosity. Because of you we are living in love, joy, and abundance–not only materially–but of spiritual blessings and wisdom that only come from you–more blessings of peace, mercy, and grace.

We don’t deserve these things. There is nothing we’ve ever done that will make us worthy of what You have blessed us with. We thank You for Your grace, that amazing grace that sustains us everyday.

Your Word never ceases to amaze us. Our hearts flourish of thanksgiving for Your generosity in our lives. Thank You for giving us Your Word and Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Grant us the strength and encourage our hearts–that we may bless others as you have blessed us. That we may show more of our gratitude to You through our generous offerings to our brothers and sisters. Thank You for your extravagant love and sublime generosity. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.



Carrying out this social relief work involves far more than helping meet the bare needs of poor Christians. It also produces abundant and bountiful thanksgivings to God. This relief offering is a prod to live at your very best, showing your gratitude to God by being openly obedient to the plain meaning of the Message of Christ. You show your gratitude through your generous offerings to your needy brothers and sisters, and really toward everyone. Meanwhile, moved by the extravagance of God in your lives, they’ll respond by praying for you in passionate intercession for whatever you need. Thank God for this gift, his gift. No language can praise it enough!
(2 Corinthians 9:12-15, The Message)


Consider Earning a Storage Networking Certification from EMC

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A Message to Inspire

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by an old schoolmate, now the Guidance Counselor of St. Mary’s Academy of Sta. Ana, Manila, to give the inspirational message to the graduating high school students. It was a surprise since it was only three days before the Friday graduation. I was scheduled to speak next 2015 but something came up and this year’s speaker couldn’t make it.

But like any true ‘Marian’ graduate, I agreed. This year’s theme was “Demonstrating the Filipino’s Resiliency and Selfless Service”. With only two days to prepare, I was anxious at first but I believe everything happens for a purpose. I’ve always imagined being able to speak before my Alma Mater but I thought the invitation four years ago at a Career Talk was it.

I was happy about the invitation and I felt God wanted me to send a message and inspire the youth. Fifteen years have passed and a lot of things have happened to me. Preparing for my speech turned out to be a good way for me to reflect on my successes, my failures, and how God worked in my life. My hours of preparation turned out to be yet another ‘worship time’.

I prayed really hard as I prepared for this that God may be glorified and that His light will shine through me.

I received praise for the speech. The Directress and my old teachers commended me as well but the best I heard were from my husband when he said “I’m so proud of you” as I came down from the stage.

Allow me to share the speech I prepared. It’s a bit long, took me 17 minutes to deliver it, so I deleted a few sentences and paragraphs. Edited for reading. Hopefully you won’t get bored. May you be blessed.

No, the wisdom we speak of is the mystery of God—his plan that was previously hidden, even though he made it for our ultimate glory before the world began.
(1 Corinthians 2:7, NLT)


I graduated high school, stood on this same stage, delivered my Valedictory speech 15 years ago. I could still vividly remember that day, March 25, 1999, when I shared a short speech, choked on the part when I had to thank my parents who have always been there since the day I was born — I said those words exactly.

Students of St. Mary’s Academy of Sta. Ana class of 2014, 15 years ago I sat there with tears in my eyes, thinking “this is it”. It’s over. Another chapter is about to start a couple of months from now. Right then, I was scared. Will I become that CPA Accountant I want to be? Will I become successful? How am I going to survive college? Will I survive UP? I had so many questions. Looking back, most of them, have been answered. I did survive college. I didn’t become the CPA Accountant and newscaster like I planned but I am living the life God has planned for me.

I wonder what your valedictorian right now is thinking. I guess she’s thinking “Will I still be on Top of the class when I get to college?” I can’t answer your questions right now but I want to tell you…..

You’re No. 1 right now but you will not always be.

I’m not saying this to discourage you, but I want you and the rest of your class to know that your present, which will be your past a few months from now, doesn’t dictate your future. Your success in the future will depend on hard work, grace, and a lot of faith.

You’re no. 1 but that’s not just it. You can still be the no. 1 among all the top students when you get to college or when you finally enter the corporate world.

But when you get to college, you’ll have to start from scratch. You will start from the beginning again so be humble. Practice true humility. That is, thinking of yourself not above others, so you can be ready to serve your family, your church, your community— be selfless.  Continue reading A Message to Inspire

How God Led Us Home

home sweet home

Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

I have always loved this verse but I wasn’t sure if I would believe this when we started house-hunting earlier in 2013. We only wanted to move to his parents’ condo ever since but it was still being rented out. Buying a house wasn’t part of our goals anytime soon but an opportunity was given to us. And so we started looking for a condo or a house. We only had few things to consider:

(1) Type of House: townhouse with a 1-car garage or a condo unit
(2) Location: Mandaluyong Shaw area, Kapitolyo, or Pasig (no to Mandaluyong and Pasig proper though)
(3) Size: We didn’t really care. We were okay to live in a 70sqm condo forever.

Who knew that searching for a house could be stressful? It’s exciting but the endless viewings, meetings, and errands could be exhausting. Since I am the ‘Admin Manager’ of our household, I was given the responsibility to look for ‘The One’. I just needed to view the place first, take photos, show to my husband, and if he likes it, negotiate the price.

It was easy to ‘look’ online. (now OLX) became my best friend. Most of the units we viewed were listed on the website. Here’s a rundown of the places we’ve checked out:

  1.  Shaw Residenza. 75sqm condo loft, 2BR, no parking
  2.  Paragon Plaza, 90sqm 3BR with parking
  3.  8 Wack-wack. 108sqm, 2BR, with parking
  4. Araullo Place. 4-storey townhouse, with garage, gated community in Araullo St., Mandaluyong
  5. Princeville Condominium. 94sqm, 3BR, with parking
  6. DMCI Flair Towers. 2BR, 58sqm
  7. Kaimitoville Townhouse. 2-storey, 222sqm, 3BR in Valle Verde
  8. _______________. 114sqm, 2BR, with parking (It’s ‘The One’ so I won’t be publishing it.)

Josh and I were okay with (1) even if it was small. We were ready to live in a shoebox. As for (3), we were close to getting it because of the size, location, and the price. The Korean owner was leaving the country so he wanted to sell it–rush.

I started going to the banks (BDO, BPI, PSBank, and Security Bank) to inquire about their home loan plans. Honestly, all my inquires were discouraging, made me think we weren’t ready. I felt like Oprah going inside an Hermes store. Haha! So much for that. On the other hand, brokers were ever encouraging just so they could make a sale obviously.

We fell in love with Araullo Place (Araullo St., Mandaluyong City) because it’s a brand-new townhouse. It’s spacious. Noah even called dibs on the blue model room already. We started to imagine living there. Sadly, we had to forget about it because the street isn’t flood free. We passed by it one stormy night on our way home and lo and behold, waterworld!

Princeville Condo was spacious and cheap but not enough ventilation. Paragon Plaza was also spacious but it’s along EDSA so no to pollution. DMCI’s Flair Towers was nice but too small for its high price tag.


We were down to two. It was the last two on our list. Joshua and I decided to stop with our search after these two and continue next year. It was exhausting already and Christmas season was about to begin anyway and we’d be busy.

In my heart, something’s telling me this could be the last. I wasn’t sure. We weren’t in a hurry and we weren’t expecting much. We just prayed to God that He would provide for us a place. We were still fine with renting for another year. We have grown to love our rented townhouse in Mandaluyong, my hometown.

We went to ‘The One’ condo first. It was the first unit I’ve viewed that got me saying, “I love it! I love it! I love it!” My husband fell in love with it too. It was love at first sight for us! Why, the interiors were so nice, it was spacious, with very good ventilation, and it was a mid-rise condo too. “Perfect!”, we thought. It was the first and only place both Joshua and I liked on our first viewing. The price was within the budget too but we were hoping for a lower price. It was the nearest to our church, my in-laws, and Noah’s school.

On the same day, we went to the biggest house we’d be viewing. It was in Valle Verde 2 (Pasig), still within the area we want. We were a bit disappointed with the community and maintenance but we saw the potential. It was huge so my husband thought we could divide it and have the other unit be rented out. But it was bare and needed a lot of fixing. It was old but spacious. Josh even have old friends living within the village so it was cool. Thing is, the unit is far from the main gate. We have no car so that would be a problem. We thought we could then buy a small, 2nd hand car.

After viewing the last two on our list, we went to my in-laws for some reason. I had to write this down because when we got there, my husband’s mom said she was just praying that God would lead us to that house. I jokingly said “It’s a sign” as we just viewed two. She then agreed to check out the properties again the next Saturday.

And so we did.

We went to the Valle Verde townhouse first but in what seemed like a weird twist of fate (or maybe it was really God-ordained), the broker was late and the caretaker didn’t have the keys to the house. We weren’t able to view the house.

Off we went to ‘The One’, the owners were there, we fell in love with the place again, and negotiated the lowest possible price. Sadly, the guy won’t give us a lower rate and said it was final.



We still wanted the condo. “We’ll think about it”, we said. It was No. 1 on our list now but the price was a major consideration.

And so we prayed. We waited.

My mom-in-law asked her broker-friend if she had a house we could view. She immediately replied “I know a unit sa “The One”, <insert price>.

“We checked out a unit already for this price, baka it’s the same.”, my MIL replied.

The broker said it was a different unit. The next week, we viewed the condo again only to find out it was the same unit we wanted! Listed at a much lower price and still negotiable. Wow!!!

We didn’t dare go to the unit because we didn’t want the owners to think we were using another broker. We weren’t. Josh’s mom just asked another broker and led us to this. How crazy is that?!

We still haven’t made a decision yet. We wanted the place but there were many things to consider. Was it the right time? Will we have enough for the future? So many questions were being asked. I knew God was dealing with the family.

Between me and Josh, we weren’t expecting to get the house before year-end. We were praying that God would prepare our hearts for whatever will happen.

It wasn’t easy for us. We wanted the house badly. We knew we wanted to live there. But we did not expect anything. We lifted the decisions will be made by God.

Honestly, we weren’t expecting to move in soon but somehow, I felt God prompting me to pack our stuff months before. I started decluttering and packing our things in boxes months before we viewed ‘The One’.

I was making the first steps before we made the leap—into the unknown. I had no idea that God would give it very soon.

I’ve shared this story many times already but “mabilis talaga ang mga pangyayari”. Sale was finalized first week of October and by week 1 of November, we’ve moved to our new place.

I remember that day when we finally found out sale was finalized, a pastor friend told me (prophetically I guess), “Hayaan mo ate sa condo nyo magsi-swimming tayo lagi.” True enough, we learned the good news the same day. (Prophetic, eh?)


 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.
(Ephesians 3:20)

That momentous day of October 4, God spoke to me and my husband in each of our devotions. [Read Our Daily Bread’s Immeasurably More]. I was crying after I learned the great news that we could move in the next month. Agad-agad talaga! Thankful to God for this wonderful blessing! Truly unexpected. True Grace.

Lord, thank You for doing immeasurably more in
our lives than we could ever imagine.
I am so thankful that You are able and often
do make impossible situations possible.
Julie Ackerman Link

More than the idea of our own space, I loved the fact that God was teaching me and my husband a lot of things as we waited. Our faith was being tested.

We simply let go of our expectations and looked to God. We stripped ourselves off the desire to have a bigger house and be content with what’s on the table. It was a major decision for the family that made us trust in God more. Like I said before, God has already provided — a place for us and ways for us to abide in Him more. We have a decade to pay for it. I know God will provide. Grace upon grace.

I still have so many stories of God’s favor to share even after we finally moved here. I realized most of my “must-haves” in a house were given to us, unknowingly. Truly, God is great!


god is greatIMG

See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!
1 JOHN 3:1


Jollibee Kids Club Talent Camp 2014

jollibee talent camp kids workshop summer 2014


Yes! I finally enrolled Noah at the Jollibee Kids Club Talent Camp 2014.  I went to Jollibee Pioneer Center to see if there was still a slot and good thing they admitted my son even at the last minute. (I swear I love that branch.) The manager kindly accepted our application and Noah will start tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Jollibee Kids Club Talent Camp 2014
Registration Fee: P500
Jollibee Kids Club Happyplus Card: P100 (you need to be a member)

Note: Simply go to any Jollibee branch (with parking) to inquire. Not all branches offer the Jollibee summer workshop. I was told that only branches with parking offer such.