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SM Megamall: Next Level Malling (and Traffic)

I saw this sign while on the way to SM Megamall three weeks ago. As if the “malling” experience wasn’t already exciting, the management of SM still wants to take it to the next level. I was looking for a smaller caption that says ‘Next Level Traffic’ but saw none. Traffic in the area has always been bad as long as I can remember and with the Megamall expansion (yet again!), expect the EDSA-Crossing-Julia-Vargas-Ortigas area to be highly congested. Continue reading SM Megamall: Next Level Malling (and Traffic)

Super Duper Scary

Allow me to share with you Mars Dizon’s story. She is part of my Work-At-Home-Mom Facebook group and she posted this to make more people aware. I know this isn’t a first of its kind but I think it’s important we know the many different modus operandi out there.

Nothing happened to Mars, she was just frightened. But what if she obliged to the man? It could have been worse.

Similarly, Chuvaness posted something like this last week: On the road: More scary in the Philippines

Being victimized isn’t a joke. It’s scary. By God’s grace, I haven’t experienced anything like this inside a moving vehicle but there are a lot of robbery going on in the area where we live. I’m scared at times because I know we are being “watched”. I’ll share with you my story soon. For now, read Mars’ story and SHARE on your website or Facebook.

Today was the first time in more than 10 years that I once again drove to Makati. It was so traffic going to Buendia from Ortigas, took us almost 1 hour to get there. Going back, I took the wrong turn and ended in the Fort instead of Edsa. Naturally I was already in a bad mood trying to get out of the Fort to C5. Crossing the pedestrian road at the high street area there was a motorcycle that was slightly in the middle of the lane that was going very slow. My instinct was to blow my horn and slightly take the opposite lane to get passed him. Reaching the stop light the motorcycle to my surprise stopped to my left, a man in fatigue (the kind that I only saw for the first time) was signaling me to pull my windows down. Recently reading about horror stories about pretend cops that would flag you down and would turn out to be hold uppers came to mind so I thought I need to be careful. I lowered the window to a level just so I could hear what he was saying. He said “ano problema mo? Ibaba mo yang bintana mo”. I said “wala”. He said, “nakita mo na naka uniporme ako, halika sa police station dun tayo mag-usap!” I told him “wala akong violation, wala akong violation”. Seeing that the road was free, and being confident that there was nothing wrong I did, I continued to drive. To my fright, the man continued to follow me. I was so scared because Roni is beside me sleeping. He continued to follow me and I was already anticipating that he would try to block my way just to make me stop. I continued to drive normally, trying not to drive faster and make me look that I was guilty with anything. I was constantly looking at my rear view mirror and to my sides to see where he was. Upon exiting the Fort, he made a u-turn and stopped. That made me relax a bit. But he signaled an MMDA on a motorcylce to follow me. I even saw the MMDA signaling to the man and was asking him “eto ba?”. This made me nervous again. Entering C5 I was trying to find my cellphone but could not find it! The MMDA was following at this time but from a distance. He was following until I crossed Kalayaan road and seemed to vanish in a few seconds. This incident surely gave me a fright! I am so glad that they stopped following.

I just want to share lessons I learned from the experience:

  1. Pray, when you find yourself in trouble, remember to pray.
  2. When driving, always try to keep your cool no mater how annoying pedestrians or other motorists can be.
  3. Always have your cellphone at hand. Place it somewhere in your car where you can easily reach it. Have enough charge every time you leave home.
  4. When you know you have done nothing wrong, be confident and be ready to defend yourself. Do not allow anybody to scare you. Do not be afraid of men in uniform that will take advantage of their positions or power to intimidate you. If you have done nothing wrong then say it straight to their face.
  5. Lastly, be grateful. Be grateful that God has kept you safe

Stay safe everyone!


I don’t wish these things to happen to anyone. Others had it worse. I don’t know what I’ll do if I were in her place. Honestly, I don’t feel safe anywhere anymore, even inside the house. But thank God that He is there to protect us.

Light, space, zest—that’s God! So, with him on my side I’m fearless, afraid of no one and nothing. When vandal hordes ride down ready to eat me alive, Those bullies and toughs fall flat on their faces. When besieged, I’m calm as a baby. When all hell breaks loose, I’m collected and cool. Psalm 27:1-3 (The Message)

I Miss Them SEO Girls and Guys

I sometimes hate being in my room because when I see this lovely cat, I remember that I left my previous company and them SEO girls and guys. The team gave this to me on my last day. It was so thoughtful of them really. Sometimes..rather most of the time..I just want to grab the car keys and drive to Ortigas to just visit them. But hey, the car is broken so I can’t. Haha.

I don’t like what’s happening to them. I sometimes think it’s my fault that they are suffering. Nyay. Not really, but the fact that a lot has changed since I left…and a lot has left already. I just hope and pray that those who are still there will find whatever joy is left. To enjoy, leave when the right time comes, and still be grateful for their short stint there as I was…still am grateful. Seriously.

I miss you guys. Sino sunod magpapapizza? Haha.:P

Missing Digory

I miss Digory. He’s confined at the “hospital” right now. I am hoping he’ll have that “surgery” so he’ll be as good as new.

I miss lying down on my bed with the MacBook. Who knew that this picture would be the last with that butterfly sticker on? Haha.

When we see each other again, I am definitely having the gmask removed and buy him a clear case.

And hey, don’t think that Apple MacBooks are not that all good. Believe me, they’re just amazing. It’s just that I’m not used to them so something went wrong with the updates. 😛

Btw, my friend Jonathan who works at Power Mac, is one of the few who has held an iPhone in the country. The perks of working for Apple. Pffft.

Graveyard Still

It’s 4:49 am and I still couldn’t sleep. Screw graveyard shifts! Thank God that this is gonna be my last week at work. I can hear the roosters…

And besides, my room is such an eyesore. It has become a huge trashcan. I took a picture of my computer table-slash-cabinet-slash-trash-can-slash-whatever.

See? Eyesore. I haven’t even changed my bedsheet so how I can sleep peacefully. After this entry, I promise to sleep. Try to sleep.

So that’s Kitchie on my desktop. It’s my brother’s doing. I think she’s his ultimate celebrity crush. Bleeech. Desperate Housewive’s DVD. Leopard digicam pouch. Memory card reader. Polly the Mini. Lucy the Shuffle.Digory. Some boxes. Some cds. Unread books. Joshie’s grad pic. Baboy speaker. Some candle. And of course, my uber bulok Red Fox pc.

And oh, there’s also a feminine liner, a comb, and thick dust. Haha.

Guess what’s my favorite item? Leave a comment and if you got it right, I’ll give you a prize. Hehe.


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Hear Me Roar

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez made a statement the other day that UP has been a breeding ground for destabilizers and naked runners. Reading the article here made me reflect on how UP has educated me. Somehow, there is truth to this as UP students and graduates…even government officials from the state university are always at the forefront of rallies. My school is famous for having ‘tibak’ students. Having such strong personalities, intelligence, and the courage to fight for what we think is right, we are often misunderstood as deviants.

UP education has taught its, especially to be pro-active…to fight for what is right, express ourselves, speak up, and simply do what we think is best for the country and good of the greater men. I firmly believe that UP has a lot to do with the way I am now. In my own “little” ways, I am somewhat like those who tend to go against the norm. Though when I was in UP, I was never an ‘aktibista’. I never joined any rallies because I did not want to take any risk. I’s UP. Even if I wanted to join I just couldn’t because I didn’t have the heart to sacrifice comfort and never would I want to be sent to jail if worse comes to worst. I was such a baby in school. Too timid and lazy to fight with those who fight for the common people. But my ideologies…my principles…and my ways…they still are very much like most UP students.—deviant most of the time, aggressive, highly idealistic, expressive, and restless.

Didn’t most of the officials running our contry nowadays graduate from UP? Those who have been successful, bad, and aggressive are all from UP. And those who are quiet and obviously do not know what they are saying are from, what some CMC professors would desribe as “others”. I do not need to enumerate them. The country still looks up to UP as the premier university. And the students, I still believe, are the best. The only problem is that we do not have enough resources that is why students from other private universities are now highly favored,estemmed,given better opportunities, and higher salaries.

I admit I am a destabilizer in my own little ways. I have the tendency to often stand up for what I think is right even if others think otherwise. I have a reputation to always snap at people when I know they are wrong. I am what I am. I express my opinions more often now than in school. So much for analyzing and rationalizing this, I always look for reasons and explanations to satisfy my soul.
I am always being scolded at by parents because I talk back. I write e-mails to those in authority. I ask for explanations from people. I ask about the point of paying for gravy when its for take out when they’re supposed to be giving it for free. I ask why a small package can’t be included in a larger item to be gift-wrapped for free at SM. I ask questions. I seek for reasons. Almost always, I look at the bad side of things. I am not afraid to disagree with the options presented. I do not accept a simple sorry without sound explanations. I always send an e-mail the most inefficient department at our company. I tell those people older than me when I don’t like what they have done(of course with respect). Perhaps the only things I have not done are to investigate, check with SEC or BBB, sue a company, and rally.

Such actions may be deemed inappropriate. I know. A lot of people has been reprimanding me. My family thinks that I am always looking for trouble. The heck, there is trouble everywhere. The problem with the Filipinos, the world even, is that they do not know when to speak up. They simply go with the current and become oblivious to the hurtings. I’ve always been a hater of injustice. In a big or small world, there is injustice that ought to be changed. The world would not be an interesting place to live in though if everything is fair and beautiful.

Destablizers. Naked runners. Justice Gonzalez sees UP as mere enemies.

I doff my hat to them because they initiate the running of naked people… That’s also one kind of culture that they develop there,” he said,

There is a indeed culture that is uniquely UP. I am most proud of that. He simply does not understand that the Oblation Run is an expression of freedom and not an opportunity for mere exhibitionists. Hear that–NOT.

“They should consider the fact that the state is the one paying for their schooling. Why fight the state? Why try to bring it down. I think some degree of gratitude should be there also,” he said.

I am forever grateful to my UP education. Grateful to the kind of person I am now. Gonzalez, however, should bear in mind that those people at the forefront are not always fighting the state. These people are not simply bring the state down because what they are doing is for a greater cause. That is, for corrupt to know that they are being watched and that they are not gonna get away with whatever mysteries they are doing.

In my own little ways I am expressive. I do not care what others might think of my actions that’s why I always get in trouble. I hop from one argument to another and I never get tired. I guess it is just desire to quench my thirst for answers. Seeking for explanations. Wanting to be heard….proudly Peyups.