Graveyard Still

It’s 4:49 am and I still couldn’t sleep. Screw graveyard shifts! Thank God that this is gonna be my last week at work. I can hear the roosters…

And besides, my room is such an eyesore. It has become a huge trashcan. I took a picture of my computer table-slash-cabinet-slash-trash-can-slash-whatever.

See? Eyesore. I haven’t even changed my bedsheet so how I can sleep peacefully. After this entry, I promise to sleep. Try to sleep.

So that’s Kitchie on my desktop. It’s my brother’s doing. I think she’s his ultimate celebrity crush. Bleeech. Desperate Housewive’s DVD. Leopard digicam pouch. Memory card reader. Polly the Mini. Lucy the Shuffle.Digory. Some boxes. Some cds. Unread books. Joshie’s grad pic. Baboy speaker. Some candle. And of course, my uber bulok Red Fox pc.

And oh, there’s also a feminine liner, a comb, and thick dust. Haha.

Guess what’s my favorite item? Leave a comment and if you got it right, I’ll give you a prize. Hehe.


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