Snippets of my Recent Bum-hood

A week into being a bum and a professional racketeer…I must say that I am enjoying every minute of it!Not only because I can be with my family but also because I get to do what I want any time I want. But just a week into being a bum, and I have no more moolah. Ha! I’ve got some in the bank but I’m not touching a single cent(really?) because they are all for the bills. There’s the electricity which I am sure will balloon up to a thousand coz I am online more than 15 hours everyday. The water, Internet, my celfone, and the credit cards. I don’t know how I’m gonna survive after the 15th. I just wish that my company’s HR would do a mistake again and credit my last salary. Hehe. I opted to convert my leaves to cash. I was asked if I’d like that instead of using my terminal leaves. But I thought, it’s the same whether I choose to convert or not. I’ll be getting the money anyway. The thing is, since my leaves will be converted to cash…that means I’ll have to wait for 3 months or so for my backpay. But really, I am not expecting that to happen because they also said the same thing to my former boss. Effectivity of my resignation will be on the 17th…two more weeks and I’m officially unemployed.

I have no regrets or whatsoever. The only thing that I’ll miss are the people…my team especially. I am not sure if they’ll ever be the same again. I know there will be a lot of changes and most of them are not happy. I wish their new manager would have the balls to fight for them like I did. But don’t worry guys and girls, I’ll never forget you. Wink wink.

On to more trivial stuff, I bought a Dlink wireless router yesterday because my LAN cable won’t work anymore. Now…we have wifi in the house! Ohkay…it’s still unsecured so I am sure a lot will be able to use it. My brother still hasn’t figured it out. Sheesh. Now I am here at my parent’s room sans the ever unreliable LAN cable. I said before that I can live without wifi for now but the scorching summer heat!. I can’t stay in my room that long because I’m afraid I’d die of heat stroke. I still don’t have airconditioning…by choice. It’s so easy to buy one but I am not sure if I can pay for the electricity

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