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Consider Earning a Storage Networking Certification from EMC

The Data Center Architect certification track has four great specialization options for participants to consider, but the storage networking certification is a common one among workers of all IT fields. Much of the storage work in IT is related to networking and infrastructure, while more advanced work uses networking principles as the backbone. This specialist certification can validate design, deployment, and management skills from a process oriented standpoint. Participants will be able to incorporate storage networking technologies and intermediate virtualization concepts into common scenarios that are sure to occur in the storage solution design.

Earning this EMC certification is as easy as passing a single exam (E20-016). On the job experience can certainly prepare you to answer most of the practical questions found on the exam; however, it is best to take the Storage Networking Design and Management training course to teach you the conceptual knowledge that will be necessary to perform daily job tasks. Once you have earned this certification, you will immediately enhance your ability to get a good storage networking job, increase your value to an employer, and set yourself up for major success within a company or organization.

One of the selling points of this certification is the fact that it prepares you to work in numerous different environments. You are not just learning skills, but learning how to apply those skills to common situations in a variety of storage networking environments (including NAS, FC SAN, and hybrid environments). You will gain important planning and analysis skills and become experienced with implementation and testing procedures of a storage networking project. Any interested individual can earn this certification. By following this track you will be ready to gain prominence in one of the most popular fields in the IT industry.

About Microsoft 70-217 Certification Exam

Before taking Exam 70-217: Implementing and Administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure, you should have at least one year of experience in the implementation and administration of network operating systems. Specifically, this experience should be in environments that support at least 200 users. The 70-217 exam is a requirement for the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification. Additionally, completing the 70-217 exam allows you to fulfill a core credit towards the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer on Microsoft Windows 2000 certification. Continue reading About Microsoft 70-217 Certification Exam

Understanding the Various HP Certification Exam Designations

HP certification exams are among the most robust professional qualification exams available. The company actually offers not only a wide variety of exams covering an impressive range of subject matter, but also a selection of exam types, allowing candidates for HP certification or skill validation to achieve their professional development goals in a variety of ways.

HP certification exams conducted at either a Pearson VUE testing center or an onsite testing location, like major trade shows, are known as Proctored Exams. These tests are designated with a code of HP0, followed by the exam number.

HP software certification exams are intended to validate product-specific skills. These tests are called Performance-Based Exams, and are designated the same as Proctored Exams, only a letter “P” is added following the exam number. These exams are also conducted at testing locations in a proctored setting.

IT professionals commonly choose to take Web-Based Exams. These tests can be completed remotely over a secure internet connection, making them exceptionally convenient for skill validation. Pearson VUE also administered these exams, but testing candidates are able to access and complete their test without traveling to a testing center. The designation for these tests is either HP2 or HP3, followed by the exam number.

Certiport testing centers additionally administer HP certification exams that fall under the Accredited Technical Associate (ATA) certification path. HP4, followed by the exam number, is the designation for these tests.

The final group of HP certification exams are practice tests, designated as PRA, followed by a letter “Y” and the final two numbers of the certification exam. In addition to HP’s exam prep resources, you should also consider using practice tests and tutorials offered through sites like

Looloo is the No. 1 Social App

A few days after the looloo app went live on the App Store, the iPhone 4S giveaway winner was chosen. Congratulations to Christine Sobraswerte! Looloo had to change her surname to prevent further stalking.


And just a week after the launch, the looloo app is now the number 2 Social app on the US App Store! How cool is that! In the PH App Store, it’s number 1!

I always knew the looloo app will be a success even if it’s a local app. The one million downloads may be a dream for now but nothing is impossible. And besides, I know your hard work will be rewarded. 🙂

Looloo rocks! Congratulations looloo!

looloo is live!

looloo is now available on the App Store.  Yey!

What is looloo again?

It’s a new app developed by a Filipino tech start up that lets you explore the best places in Metro Manila. It’s probably the best app for the local foodies, spa junkies, and nightlife lovers out there. It’s like Twitter for the gimikeros who like to review, okray, or simply share their experiences at a restaurant, spa, or wherever.

The looloo app allows you to search for places nearby within an area in the city. It offers suggestions by your friends and other looloo users. Because the looloo team believes that people who know you best know what you like. I agree since I usually try a place if recommended by friends and family. Continue reading looloo is live!

Super Looloo is coming!

Sounds like a new superhero but it’s not. It’s the looloo I’ve been talking about for the past weeks. Remember that Kapitolyo Foodie Map Guide and SPAS 101 I shared? Those infographics were released by a local tech startup to introduce it’s very own mobile app.

looloo is going live on Tuesday, November 20. Apple has finally given the green light to launch the looloo on the App Store. No definite time has been given but expect it to be available in the evening here in the Philippines.

What is looloo?

It’s a friend-powered guidebook to Manila’s best places. At first, I thought it’s just for the foodies but looloo also covers salons, barbershops, hotel spas, nightlife spots, and other places of interest around the metro.

I’ve been beta-testing this app and it’s been fun to use. So you just tried a new resto? Review it. If you like it, recommend it to your friends. More often than not, people go to different establishments as recommended by family and friends. The people who know you best always know what you will like.

It’s launching tomorrow but you can still sign up HERE to win an iPhone 4S. 🙂

Sign up for pre-launch updates:

Apple iPad Mini Philippines

Apple iPad Mini in the Philippines

I said I won’t get an iPad Mini but I’m so ready to ditch my iPhone 4. I saw the iPhone 5 in Bangkok and it’s just a taller, slimmer, and thinner iPhone 4S. This iPad Mini, however, is just the perfect size for me. I wonder when it will arrive in the Philippines.

I’m expecting the 16GB entry model to be affordable at below P20,000 because it’s only $329. If I decide to get one though, I’ll buy directly from the online Apple Store Ph and have my name engraved on it. I’m not saying I WILL really buy one. I only want one. Again, it will always depend on the budget. Subject to the approval of my beloved husband.


[Infographic] SPAS 101 by looloo

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said I love infographics. I featured a few already. The Kapitolyo Fearless Foodie Guide started it all. And then the Tagalog Mozilla Philippines Firefox 3 infographic and of course, the popular Cost of Starbucks Planner 2013 infographic by

Here’s another one:

SPAS 101 by | Art by Kitkat Pecson

I know it’s long pero I’m sure talagang tinitigan mo to. Haha! I love the colors and the graphics. This one is perfect for the spa lovers out there. You see, day spas have mushroomed all over the metro but only a few are popular. I’m only familiar with The Spa and The Island Spa in Jupiter Makati as I used to go there. Honestly, I don’t enjoy going to spas because instead of being relaxed, nabubugbog ako! LOL! That’s just me. I guess I really don’t know the science behind or the art of spa. Husband has been wanting to go. We were in Bangkok last week but we failed to experience an authentic Thai spa. We were too busy hanging out with the family at home. 🙂

This infographic might help me understand and yeah, discover what day spa in Manila to try. It’s the spa version of the foodie map I featured a few weeks back. All the information can be found on the yet-to-be-released looloo app. Speaking of which, have you signed-up?

If you’re a foodie or a spa lover, you need to have the app. It’s not available on the App Store yet but soon. 🙂

Get notified when the mobile app launches HERE.

I’m excited!


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