Consider Earning a Storage Networking Certification from EMC

The Data Center Architect certification track has four great specialization options for participants to consider, but the storage networking certification is a common one among workers of all IT fields. Much of the storage work in IT is related to networking and infrastructure, while more advanced work uses networking principles as the backbone. This specialist certification can validate design, deployment, and management skills from a process oriented standpoint. Participants will be able to incorporate storage networking technologies and intermediate virtualization concepts into common scenarios that are sure to occur in the storage solution design.

Earning this EMC certification is as easy as passing a single exam (E20-016). On the job experience can certainly prepare you to answer most of the practical questions found on the exam; however, it is best to take the Storage Networking Design and Management training course to teach you the conceptual knowledge that will be necessary to perform daily job tasks. Once you have earned this certification, you will immediately enhance your ability to get a good storage networking job, increase your value to an employer, and set yourself up for major success within a company or organization.

One of the selling points of this certification is the fact that it prepares you to work in numerous different environments. You are not just learning skills, but learning how to apply those skills to common situations in a variety of storage networking environments (including NAS, FC SAN, and hybrid environments). You will gain important planning and analysis skills and become experienced with implementation and testing procedures of a storage networking project. Any interested individual can earn this certification. By following this track you will be ready to gain prominence in one of the most popular fields in the IT industry.

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