And There Was Silence…

And there was silence….

This night sucks. While the rest of my family are staying at some hotel in Ortigas, I am all alone here at home working. Yep, WORKING! I can’t afford not to go online tonight because I am expecting a very important e-mail. Even if I can do that while at the hotel, I won’t pay P800 per hour just to connect to the Internet. Why..that’s more than half of my monthly Internet bill. I so want to be with my family but I can’t. I should have applied for a weroam or globe visibility so I can go online anytime,anywhere.

I haven’t been standing for the pat 6 hours. Save for the occasional trips to the bathroom and the kitchen. My back aches and my butt now hurts.

I am alone. Not really. My lola is upstairs sleeping. I guess I just miss this kind of solitude. I turned off the DVD because I can’t concentrate on watching “Laguna Beach”. Not only I think it’s boring but I just want silence. Barbie Almalbis is playing in the background for the past 6 hours. Hehe. I only have 10 songs on my laptop because I just transferred all 6gb of music to my desktop.

So there…Silence still….

Oh wait…Joshie’s here now. :)

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