Pinoy Merianda Anyone?

I just had the heartiest meal in weeks. Turon plus kwek-kwek. Yummy! I’ve been looking for something to eat but couldn’t find anything since the ref is empty. Good thing my cousin Juju brought home a pack of instant noodles for me to cook for her. My nephew Nav saw what she was anything and asked me to cook for him. So I ran to my Tita’s sari-sari store. I was supposed to buy just a pack but instead I bought two for my other cousin and 4 packs of chips for the kids. On my way home, I passed by this woman selling kwek-kwek, turon, and mais con hielo! Perfect I said to myself. Now I have something good to eat. I bought all the kwek-kwek left and 4 pieces of turon. I didn’t eat everything…just half turon and 6 pieces of kwek-kwek dipped in vinegar. While the kids were busy with their noodles, there I was enjoying mine. Good thing I bought a hundred bucks so I was able to feed myself and the kids. Today turon and kwek-kwek…tomorrow mais con hielo! Hehehe. Don’t you just love Pinoy street food. 🙂

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