The Promise (Wedding Vow Song) by Moira dela Torre

Playing this song over and over again. Check out the lyrics below. You’re welcome. 😀


The Promise
Moira dela Torre Wedding Vow Song

There’s a fear in my eyes when I see you
Of tomorrow’s appear in a blink
Fear in there be a day when I will awake
And I wouldn’t find you near

There are days when the path seem to shadow
All the hope that you’ve gathered from me
But then the darkness fades and then I wake
And I feel love setting us free

And all I want the fears disappear
Knowing that I have you year
Though lies may come
There’s nothing I can do
For I see His promise
When I look at you

So I thank you for all of your patience
For loving me even when I explode
Taking all of the pain with nothing else to gain
Just knowing I don’t feel alone

Oh I promise that I’ll always choose you
I will trust you wherever you lead
And when there are days when you feel afraid
I promise I won’t walk away

Cause all I want my future is here
Together with all of my dreams
Though storm may come there’s nothing I can do
For He keeps His promise
And the promise is you

So I stand here today with a promise
That together we’ll run towards love
That I know there were days
Weather a chance or it rains together
We’ll lift up our praise

And when our time here has ended
And God asks me what I had been through
I will lay at His feet all our victories
And thank Him for giving me you
I’ll always thank Him for giving me you

Through battle as one and fears overcome
I found a faithful one
Through highs and lows
You will never be alone

Forever and always
My forever and always
Forever and always
I love you my home


PS: I’m not sure if the title of the song is really “The Promise”. Please correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂

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