All About That GRACE 

What imprisons you?

I used to struggle with unforgiveness and resentment but the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus, that was shed on the Cross was a perfect reminder for me. The past years, God has shown me how Grace changes people, how Grace allows forgiveness, and how Grace gives New Life.

It is never easy to forgive and forget. Honestly, I am still living with consequences of my olds sins but that is part of the journey. Sometimes, the enemy would remind me of the old pain and rejection but looking up to the Cross enables me to hold my head up high. That is not to boast (because no one really can).

I have learned from a handful of people how to live, show, and share Grace. This grace, this unmerited favor, that kind of love you and I don’t deserve but was freely given to us. By whom? By Jesus Christ, the Son of God who became man. He became one of us, was rejected, cursed, scourged, unfairly judged, nailed on the Cross, died, and resurrected.

For what? For whom?

For you and me.

That SIN? Nailed it.

I used to, maybe sometimes I still do, easily judge people but Grace helps me to let go of the past, live in the present, and keep moving forward to a glorious future promised before me.

GRACE. It has always been a favorite word of mine. I pray you taste and see what’s so good about it.

Look to Jesus. Accept the truth that because of His great love for us, He sent forth His one and only Son to save you, a sinner, and be given a new life. Know that your sins can be forgiven. God can give you not just a new lease in life but a brand new one.

Don’t turn back. Don’t let death fear you because believing in the Power of the Cross can give you eternal life.

It’s the name of Jesus that makes all the difference. It’s the Greatest Love that makes things different.

Don’t just believe. Don’t be content in that “happy” feeling. Live your life according to The Word and not just the doctrines and traditions you know.

He is alive! Now, will you let him live in your life?

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved–
you and your household.”(Acts 16:31, NIV)

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