Faith Friday: In Heaven

I had to let it out. So I cried again. I felt I haven’t been soaking in His presence. I’ve been neglecting Him all week long. I was so caught up with something that I hardly had time for my Father. I was so enamored with what declarations could offer me.

I left for a week. Maybe more. But just one day, He called me. Not again.

But that’s just how I really am my child?


Remember my promise??



Yes Lord.

You never learn. But I still love you. Its called grace.

I’m sorry. That’s all I could say. Sorry. I don’t want to promise anything. Help me on this. I know You will.

When was the last time I REALLY sang with the angels?!? In the heavens?!?

That one day. I was in heaven. I forgot I was singing in front of many. All I had in mind was God was my only audience. Away with my inhibitions. At last!

I had to yield. I had to let it out. My heart had to shout. So tears rolled down again my cheek.


posted by: blueberry010 at May 13, 2004 09:43
NOTE: Reposting my old blog entries from my Motime account. This is just the first.

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