I’m about to locate my mind. I think. Lord, please help me.

Weeks have passed and I can’t remember what significant things happened to me. I think none. Well, there are some that always makes me but I’m going to put that on hold(for now).

Days just pass. I wake up late. I do the household chores. I take care of the kids. I eat. I sleep. I eat again. I watch tv. I chat. I e-mail. I friendster. I text. I read. I sleep late.

Nothing significant really.

I’m getting bored already. I am getting frustrated because I feel my brain is slowly escaping.

All this seeking and waiting is making me crazy.

Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Father, help me!!!!!

REVELATION. I need one. I need a one good revelation from above.

But how am I gonna receive one?

How dare me?

I don’t even spend much time praying and reading His word.

That’s why. I know it’s really my fault. I just lie and sleep. But I still talk to Him. Not just always. Not just earnestly.

What do I think I’m doing? I’m not backsliding. Oh no. Never. God and me made a promise about that. (Go read Ps 27:4)

It’s just that…well…I don’t know. I’ll call on Him again. I need ANSWERS.

Father please. I know you have plans for me. Plans to prosper and not to harm. Plans that would give me hope and a future. But where am I now? Where am I going? I feel I have nowhere to go. I just don’t wanna sit and wait for the day that someone would have to pick me up. I’m not a mess you know that. But I’m slowly becoming one. Sorry for feeling this way. I just need you. I need your help. Give me back the wisdom I once had. Show me yourself. Talk to me Father. Speak to me God.

Lord, You know that I just wanna sing with Your angels. Allow me.

I delight myself in you…just please grant the desires of my heart.

As unto you…as unto Your will.

I close my eyes. I cry. I kneel. I bow down. I cry. I shout. I listen…..and I heed.

Grace.I still need it.

Will always need it and will always receive it.

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