Being a Christian thru accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour is not all part of Christianity. One needs to be sanctified in order for one to see and hear God. It is only thru His grace that we can come to His presence even if we feel dirty and unworthy. Even if we do good things, those aren’t enough and can never make us whole before God. It is through humbling ourselves and admitting that we couldn’t do it if it weren’t for the strength given to us by the Father. He wants to see the pure hearts of His people—cleansed and sanctified. It is a continuing process. The God of hope is not finished with us yet so we need to be patient with ourselves and with others. God longs to see His people come to Him humbled but dignified. It is through the knowledge of the presence of God in our lives that we can live and be aware when we are becoming sinful. His presence enables us to think first before acting upon our impulse.

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