Apple Store down again

Apple Event Invitation | October 23, 2012

The Apple Event is happening anytime soon. And as usual, I will be up (not that I sleep early) to watch the news. The iPad mini is expected plus enhancements on iBooks. Some say that Apple will be highlighting the iPad and its educational benefits.

apple store down

As expected, the Apple Store is down, same with the Apple Store Philippines. Obviously, Apple is updating its online store to include new products, if not, upgraded ones.

Kakagat ba ko ulit ng Apple? Pwede. Malamang. If and only if the iPad Mini fits my budget. I’m saving up for a MacBook Pro, a Mac Mini, or an iMac finally but…but…I think I will prioritize getting LASIK done next year. Mahirap ang bulag! We’ll see. (Joshua, take note..I’m saving up dagdadagan mo na lang. 😀 )

O siya, I shall update you later. Mahaba pa ang gabi umaga.

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