Bounty Fresh Chicken Top Torikatsu

A few weeks ago I received some goodies from Bounty Fresh. At first, I thought Top Torikatsu was a new restaurant so I was surprised to get these packs of chicken.

Bounty Fresh Chicken Top Torikatsu | Classic and Cheese & Chives

I was delighted to know that it’s Bounty Fresh as we buy chicken from the brand every week. Husband and I trust Bounty Fresh when it comes to chicken for obvious reasons– it’s Asia’s Best. If we buy from another brand, the chicken don’t usually stay fresh longer.

My husband received the package. Before that day, there was some kind of problem as the delivery guy had gone to our house thrice already but nobody would answer according to the marketing person who sent the Top Torikatsu packs. (I’m guessing tulog pa kami….)

The next day, I tried to cook one pack. I’m not good at frying so I had to carefully cook the chicken.

Fresh and firm chicken
One of those few times that we eat fried food…
I told you I’m not good at frying….
I think I overcooked them….
For the little boy…

Guess who loved the Top Torikatsu chicken for lunch? 🙂


Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu Facebook | Top Torikatsu on YouTube

Bounty Fresh Top Torikatsu products are available at leading supermarkets. One pack contains six pieces (450 grams). Retail price is P179.

Thank you Bounty Fresh!

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