Confessions of an UnReader

My Stack of Unread Magazines for this month

I prefer reading the old fashioned way. As much as I confess being a techie but digital reading really isn’t for me. I tried but I ended up not reading the e-books and magazines, only wasting the dollars I spent.

And for this month and the last, I have this pile of magazines unread. I have read only a few pages but I wish I could have the luxury to sit and read them. All I need is an hour or two. I guess I just have to bring them with me on the plane. We’ll see.

What local magazines do I read? Smart Parenting, Real Living, Metro Home, Working Mom, Food, YES, Star Studio, and the newly launched ELLE Decor Philippines.

I don’t buy all magazines each month. I only buy if I want to read a special feature or if I like who’s on the cover. My must-buy though is Real Living magazine. The Smart Parenting, I subscribed on Zinio but I don’t get to read them anymore. :/

How about you? Which mode of reading do you prefer? Do you prefer to read your books or magazines electronically or have the actual reading material in your hand?

8 thoughts on “Confessions of an UnReader

  1. I’ve come to embrace the eBook market with my Kindle and I find that I actually read faster (and thus read more) with the aid of my eReader. But of course it’s not the same for everyone.

  2. That’s sooo me 2 years ago! Haha. My ex and I were into collecting magazines (Elle, Vogue, etc.) until we broke up. And I must say, we barely read every article on it, although I do whenever I get free time. Right now, all I buy in mag stands is Garage. Everything else, I get/read online which by the way are free (or at least I wait until they post it to free reading) like status mag and Esquire. LOL! ^_^

  3. Hi, Ate Reah!

    Definitely, definitely I am a (wo)man who has pledged allegiance to reading the printed word. I love my books – the smell of the paper, the texture of that crisp page, the beauty of having to physically highlight/underline a beautiful phrase or two, and the wonders of having to scribble down on a sticky note to place on a thought-provoking page. There’s just nothing to it but the wonders of being surrounded by paper. However, I read my comicbooks on the iPad because well, they’re cheaper. They’re easier to download than to scavenge and buy. 🙂 I guess, as I’d like to think of it, a traditional read suggests a traditional reading as a contemporary read suggests a contemporary reading. 🙂

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