February 2006

Saturday, February 25

I think I need a few drops of Eye-mo. You see, I was in front of the computer yesterday for about 17 hours. I came in to the office at 7 am , logged out at 5 pm , traveled from office to our house in less than 30 minutes, then yeah, turned on my pc and found myself again in front of the pc. So what did I do exactly in front  of it? Nothing. Just chat and read stuff …visit lame Friendster, do keyword research, conceptualize, plan, write those Bora thingie, etc. Not even the rallyists near our house had the power to stop me. I know I should be downstairs watching the news and praying that what was happening would just stop. But no I didn’t. I deliberately chose to heed to the call of my pc.

And today…guess what I did? Simple—abused my eyes more. I woke up at about 9, dragged myself out of bed, successfully stopped myself from turning on the pc, and just went downstairs. Grabbed some sandwhich, turned on the tv, popped One Tree Hill’s season 1 dvd 1, sat comfortably on the rocking chair, and didn’t stop til 4 pm! Oh yeah…I was watching DVD  for freaking 6.5 hours! I just love Saturdays!!! Maaan…when I have the TV and DVD all to myself. Well.. almost. I said I would be done after 2 DVDs but you know me…I’ll never pass up that kind of opportunity. I know I should be more cautious and save electricity more so when last month’s bill blew up by 1000 grand. My fault. A month after I ‘Smartly’ got connected..ayun. And the DVD…I think I’ve abused the player more than anyone else in the house. I have this habit of having a DVD marathon when I get home early or when its my day off(anubeh..parang katulong). Tsktsktsk…poor pc and DVD player. Can I help it if they’re my only form of entertainment nowadays?

So I’ll be on the GY shift next week…great! That means I could finish Season 1 and Season 2 of One Tree Hill and perhaps watch 3 movies in between…EVERYDAY when I get home. This is what I call LIFE…ahahahaha! Saya!

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Friday, February 24
All For Love

The cry of my heart…

All for love a Father gave
For only love could make a way
All for love heavens cried
For love was crucfied

Oh how many times have I broken Your heart
But still You forgive
If only I ask
And how many times have You heard me pray
Drawn near to me

Everything I need is You
My beginning, my forever
Everything I need is You

Let me sing all for love
I will join the angel song
Ever holy is the Lord
King of Glory
King of all

All for a love a Saviour prayed
Abba Father have Your way
Though they know not what they do
Let the Cross draw man to You

Artist: Hillsong United
Album: Look To You
Track: All For Love


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the walk

Thursday, February 23

Two more weeks beybeh…2 more weeks and it’s freedom for me! Not that I’m getting out of something..Josh’ll be finishing his requirements in school then just wait to officially graduate. It’s been dificult for me these past weeks because we can’t always go out and talk on the phone for hours like we used to. Diligent as he is, he studies so hard and it just pisses me off. Mainly because I wasn’t like that during college. I wasn’t too diligent and I only studied during exams. After 10 years of being an A student, I decided not to work hard in college . But Josh is…you know..he’s not the geeky type but he’s just that…diligent and hard-working.  And man, can’t wait til he finally graduates..wink wink..

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Tuesday, February 14


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I Want!


    The image says it all. I want an iPod Video. Last year, I told myseld
I’m never selling Polly(my mini) but I’ve been browsing through apple.com
quite a lot lately and seriously contemplating on buying one. Okay…
I’ve got no money  but I will find a way. Just like last year, I so wanted
to buy an ipod … it took me 3 months to save before
I could buy that blue mini.
Good thing my cousin went to Singapore so I asked him
to just buy it there at a lower price.
But now I don’t know…I’m willing to part with ‘her’.
Or maybe I’d just hand her over to my brother. Grabe grabe…
here I go again.
I guess I’d have to work harder and generate more kaching-kaching.

Heck..I still haven’t bought the digicam I want.



Canon Ixus 750


I could die if it finally falls into my lap. Hehe.

Seriously…I so want these stuff I’m willing to do any freelance work
and sell my Havaianas pairs—not! ehehe…

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Saturday, February 11

I  wish life was simpler…I honestly don’t know what is happening to me…I hope to pull myself and get my act together..but  hey..it ain’t  that easy anymore…I used to be this girl..so vibrant..so understanding..so sensible…but now I don’t know..so many things have changed…

Moi used to be this girl that can do a lot of great things …all at the same time…now she can’t even do a simple thing the right way…somehow..she got tired of the way things were going..not even the most important people in the world can make her believe otherwise…she cries over the simplest things…cries a lot over the corniest movies..the lamest lines…and over the stupidest imaginations…

I don’t know why and how…but somehow..the old self has gone..sometimes  she visits…more often than not.. she’s dead…maybe she just got tired of doing everything she can…greatly …but unnoticed…


(don’t mind me…it’s just one of those days when my hormones are down and when I think that the whole world is against me..)

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