First Day

my first day at work went okay..the people were all was so cold inside I should always bring a jacket…I think I made more than a dozen trips to the bathroom…there are no “papables” because most of them are real “papas”..(hehe..whattaterm..:p) but that’s okay, I don’t need their attention anymore..(uuuuy!)…what else?? mmm…I don’t wanna pass thru GSC coz im tempted to look around and buy…Lord, help me..


i’ve already read joshharris’ book not even a hint. finished it in one sitting. we didn’t have our youth fellowship this afternoon so I had to do something in church while waiting for my mom. and so I took the book from its plastic without asking permission from the owner(sorry k chad…sabi ni ate okay lang eh…hehe..) anyway the book was really good…Ü

it isn’t just about fighting lust or any sexual temptation..its generally about doing what is right before the eyes of our I know why its called ‘not even a hint’..i was once again reminded that we should not be tainted..not even a hint of immorality…there were times when I tend to be legalistic with regards to my Christianity..i used to have guidelines for myself..sure, I would pattern them after the Bible..but in reality, as i evaluate now, that they’re just “my words” disguised as God’s…I need not rate my sin..i don’t have to weigh whether im sinning less or more than the other people…the mere fact that i do things God doesn’t want me too, I SIN..there is no grave sin or whatsoever..a sin is a sin is a sin… i sure didn’t fool was just me I know…I was also reminded that God’s grace is more than sufficient to free me from the bondage of sin..that I should not rely on my own strength but solely on Him…so now, its goodbye “me”, say hello to God..Ü shouldn’t that be the case all along?? I know, its just me..the devil lurks and makes be believe all the lies…but I don’t fear anymore, I know who’s got a hold of me..ÜÜÜ

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