[Food Trip] I Ate My Veggies

I only learned about Pipino Makati branch’s opening last Monday and I went two days after. I was at the area buying that guitar for my husband me when I decided to check out Pipino finally. The restaurant was just on the other side of Jupiter St. beside Tong Yang. If I’m not mistaken, that was Fort Med right in front of the building.

I used to live near so I felt a bit nostalgic. I entered the restaurant excited. Pipino was actually inside the Pino Resto Bar. Those two are different restaurants but from the same group.

There were only three tables inside the Pipino area. I’m assuming Pipino customers can also  use the Pino Resto Bar area. One waitress attended to me. I forgot her name but I found her pretty. 🙂

Pipino Restaurant Makati Interior

PIPINO Veggie Restaurant Menu

Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant Jupiter Makati Branch


Eat Your Veggies

I’m digging the chalkboard art.

Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant Veggie Dessert

No ice cream available when I was there.

Taro Chips

I ordered a plate of Taro Chips as appetizer (P60). Yummy!

Veggie Kare-kare
Veggie Kare-Kare by Pipino (P165)

I ordered Veggie Kare-kare for dinner. It was the same kare-kare you could find at other Filipino restaurants but sans the meat. I plan on making my own at home soon.

Vegetarian Burger

For takeout, I bought my husband this Veggie Burger (P155). I also ordered Low-fat & Cheese-less Vegan Lasagna (P120) for my lola but I wasn’t able to take a photo.

Green Tea Cupcake (P50)

For dessert, I ordered a cupcake since no ice cream was available yet.

Sarap! I will definitely go back again with my husband. The prices are affordable and the serving size is  just right. The vegans and figure-conscious will love Pipino. As I was eating though, I kept thinking, “So it’s all veggies and healthful but how many calories are there?”

I’m supposed to be continuing my low-calorie diet (500 calorie per day) but I don’t think eating at Pipino will be helpful. Haha! Most people think it’s okay to eat a lot as long as it’s all veggies but it really depends on your health goal.

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9 thoughts on “[Food Trip] I Ate My Veggies

  1. Im a picky eater especially when it comes to vegies. but this looks good and fine. Yeah, I agree. Taking plenty of veges doesn’t mean good enough and can be called a healthy lifestyle.. hehehe sayang you haven’t take a pic with the lasagna. :/

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