Heavenly Musings

Set me apart, I know you’re drawing me to Yourself…
Lead me Lord, I pray.

I once received a word that God would use me mightily in building His kingdom. Blindly and unknowingly, I heeded to the majestic call. Grabbed every opportunity I knew would glorify the Maker. At one point in my life, I even thought that God was calling me full time. But each time I minister in different ways, He reveals that I am meant for even greater things. That I am destined to walk a different path and live a life set apart for His glory.

I started to serve God at a very young age. Doing things I thought then would make my Father happy even if I sometimes felt they were foolish. But God spoke and made me realize that I am serving the Master and not the other servants.

I’ve stepped out from the comfort zone. God allowed me to be what I know He wants me to be. And do the things He asks me to do. As I respond to Him with all I have, God has placed in me a melody only I can sing…only I can understand. A melody that God whispered to me. Something that can’t pass even man’s understanding. Even I f I tell them, they will never understand. For it is God’s song to me that gives me the freedom that I need.

As the spirit touches my life, I humbly come and bow down before the God of the heavens. I find His Son Jesus’ word a balm for my hurting soul. I find the Holy Ghost’s companionship, sweet embrace, and renewing of my spirit especially wonderful.

I long for the day when every part of the body is delighted with each others function. No manipulations. No criticism. No structure. No more rebellion. Only what is written in the Scripture and become the royal people God wants us to be.

At times, I am disheartened of what the body has become. Jesus did not meant for His church to be too methodical. To be legalistic. To be so unbecoming of what Jesus wants.

Jesus was dragged by His feet whenever and wherever the Spirit led Him. I can’t wait to do just that. To walk the similar path Jesus set His dirty feet on. As I excitedly run into His arms, again and again, I will become a history maker, a prime mover, a shaker of the world I am in. By His grace, by His power..as He wills.

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