I miss blogging

i miss blogging. every time i experience unusual and even trivial things i just “blog” in my mind. and when im in front of the computer, i just forget what im supposed to write about. bad. sayang. oh well. i still have lots of time. im still a bum and enjoying every minute of it. really. i am happy. always. somebody always puts a smile on my face. i am loved. loved by my Father.

and so…here are some snippets. i know you’d be bored again if i write another lengthy entry…but tell me if you dont mind..i’ll write a longer one..hehe..

i went out with my girlfriends net and claire..i cant remember the last time we went out..we did nothing new..went window shopping again..i bought a new sandals, netty a new pair of jeans, and cleng a new sandals too..and oh! i bought a wallet..really nice…oh men..i wanna go to tutuban…anyone??anyone willing to take me to a shopping spree? (hint hint)
im excited that a new WIRED edition is coming out this december..just so you know what it is..its our youth’s newsletter..the first time i seriously conceptualized it, i got so excited and couldnt sleep…hope it turns out okay..or way better than okay..excellent…please God..this is for you..
i miss my besty cece…she’s so kenis! she wouldnt send me the things i need..grrrrr..some bestfriend…hehe..joke!
my nephew nav is so pogi while my cousin juliana is so cute!! oooh..babies!!i love babies!! i want my own!!! not anytime soon…
i dont feel so well..i dont wanna be sick..we ran out of ascorbic acid..dad forgot to buy..tsktsktsk..
my gradeschool batchmates are so kainis..they’re ignoring my proposal..bahala sila! wehehe..and i thought im the batch president…harhar!
i need to change my friendster pic..napupuno inbox ko!!hahahaha!so many requests…hehe…
i need to finalize my wishlist so you people would know what to give me (hint hint) im so makapal!
my church friends and i are….oooops! dont need to broadcast it here……hehe…
how much is the entrance to star city???
people tell me that i’ve lost a lot of weight…what??a lot?? hehe..just kidding…mej lang…or feeling ko lang talaga…i need a weighing scale!!wooohooo! or tumatangkad daw…oh please Lord…ayoko na po….maawa kayo….
puyat ako every friday…gimik?? —not!!! mwehehe…

yun lang…trivial stuff…i miss writing these kinds of things…

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