I Promise

I Promise

Lord You know my heart

And all my desires

And the secret things I never tell

Lord You know them well

Though I may be young

I see and understand

That at times like sheep we go astray

When things get out of hand

So I promise to be true to You

To live my life in purity as unto You

Waiting for the day

When I hear You say

here is the one I have created just for You

Until then oh Lord

I will be content

Knowing that true love

Will come someday

It will only come from You

Cause I have seen the suffering

That loneliness can cause

When we choose to give our love away

Without a righteous cause

Here’s one song that I love singing. I’d like to sing it someday in public not with a whole band, but just with someone(ÜÜÜ) playing it in the guitar. Just so the people would know the cry of my heart. I like the melody and the message of course. Plus, its not too high. I can sing it without trying too hard. You know, I can’t sing high notes so Jaci’s songs are so okay for me as compared to Rachel Lampa’s, or Stacie’s or Crystal Lewis’..or heck, Darlene Zcshech’s!!!

Anyway, I am surprised that the song is sometimes being played over Wave and Magic. I’ve heard them play it many times already. Glad to know that those radio stations play Christian songs like it. Actually, I’ve been hearing some of Jaci’s songs over Magic. Good.

Why the song? Mmmm…Valentines is near. Wait, I’m not trying to be mushy here. Its just that I’m really happy. And I just want to share the message of the song with you. The song has already made me cry because somebody actually sang it for me. I was so frustrated that time so I just asked him to study the song. I wanted to sing it but surprise!surprise!, he sang it for me…as a gift. I cried because I felt that God was so good to me. Yun. No need to elaborate.

I don’t have a boyfriend yet. It would be __ years from now before I officially become ___’s girlfriend (uuuy!). I haven’t given my heart wholly to a guy. I almost did eons ago(ewww!) But good thing God took me away before I get really hurt. He made me realize so many things. God must be smiling when He was doing that because He has greater plans for me. Really. ÜÜÜ

I am just waiting for that day when God would tell me that “this” is the one. Maybe I have already met him, maybe not. Whatever I am in right now, I pray that God would continue to hold me. I dread the day that I’ll know otherwise. I dread the day that God would tell me that he has different plans. That would surely hurt. But I know that that is the future meant for me.

mode | happy!!!

music | hillsong – need you here

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