July Snippets

Thursday, July 15

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! This is killing me! I don’t have the energy and the wisdom to put my thoughts into writing. I’m always compelled to blog about my reflections but I just can’t seem to organize them. I actually thought of putting an end to this. But no, I have to have this. I have to practice my writing skills. I have so many things I wanna share. But I guess, it’s just a phase. This blog will turn 1 next month. Great huh? One year of blogging. One year of so many realizations. One year…just 1 year. I wonder when I’ll stop this?

Since I’m disoriented, here are snippets of my life lately:

Ø I’ll still a BUM. I’m still not taking my job-hunting seriously. I’m waiting for that one job that I like. They said I’m already on the shortlist. Great. I’m the youngest. I’m the one with the least experiences(they need at least with 5 yrs). Great. There are 3 of us from UP. Two positions are available. Great. Plus, they prefer IE of HRM graduates. Great. Please pray for me peeps. The competition is tough.

Ø I realized that I already NEED to WORK. Money’s coming slowly. I HAVE to get real and stop pretending that everything’s REALLY okay. But don’t worry about me, I’m still surviving. I’m so much grateful for the people tapped by the Lord to bless us. Smile. Ü

Ø I turned 21 last Sunday. Celebrated at The Heritage Hotel. Duh…it wasn’t really my celebration but my tita’s who turned 65. But I’m glad my cousins were there. It was such a riot. My lola together with the other oldies danced Pamela Wan and Bulaklak. Hahaha! Imagine them, all fat and old, wearing grass skirts, bra tops, lei, and flowers on their heads. I couldn’t stop laughing during their dance number. They were so cute. Galing! I was just amazed that my lola who’s 75 can still groove to the beat. Very entertaining really. I actually kidded my cousins that someday, we’ll do things like that. Hahaha! No way. By the way, it wasn’t the first time that my lola and old relatives did that. Hahahaha!

Ø Things are coming up roses for me and S. He had the courage to ask my dad if he could treat me out(alright..i am so obvious). But whatda, it was just so nice that he’s got so much respect for me and my parents. I don’t want it to be a secret (we just went out okay..legally..) I just want our parents to know what’s happening so they could properly guide us. I am so much grateful for whatever God, the Greatest Author, is doing.

Ø I’ve been staying at my sister’s apartment more than my home. I enjoy helping them out. My nephew Nav is getting bigger and smarter. I just love looking out for him. My longing to become a mother and a wife is just getting stronger. I want it sooner. But nah, so impossible. I’m too young. I need to do a lot of things first for myself and my family. That’ll come I know. I just know it. PTL Ü

Ø I just learned that I can be OC sometimes. Haha!

I said I can’t organize my thoughts? Yeah right. Some snippets. Ang haba naman. Hahaha!

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