Lego Shell Ferrari Philippines Promo

Since Noah is in his LEGO phase, I want to share all things Lego or at least those that I know and have. I have bought tons of Lego bricks for the little boy already– both LEGO mini bricks and LEGO Duplo bricks. All those were purchased second-hand from my trusted Facebook and eBay sellers. I can say that Noah has enough already. But for now, he couldn’t play with them yet so Daddy and Mommy are the ones enjoying the bricks.

And recently, I’m fascinated with the LEGO Minifigs (uh oh…). This I have to stop myself from buying because I still haven’t recovered from my Playmobil addiction. The thing with some parents, toy shopping is actually enjoyed more by them…by us. Well, between me and my husband, that would be me enjoying every time we go to Toy Kingdom or Toys R US. I could spend hours inside just checking the toys both for the girls and boys–Barbie, Sylvanian Family, Disney Toys, Hello Kitty, Tomica, Matchbox, LEGO, etc.

I bought the LEGO Bible books last month. This November, I’m targeting the Lego Shell Ferrari Promo. Problem is, we don’t have a car so we don’t go to Shell to gas up. My in-laws only go to Petron. I don’t know how else I’m gonna get the LEGO Cars because everyone I know is also collecting.

The Ferrari 150° Italia, the Scuderia Ferrari Truck, the Ferrari 458 Italia, the FXX, the F40, and the 250 GT Berlinetta

How to avail of the LEGO Shell Ferrari Model Promo:

Simple lang. For every P1,500 of any Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuel, you can buy a model for P180.

This means you need to spend P10,080 to get all LEGO Ferrari models from Shell.

P1,500 + 180 multiplied by 6 =  P10,080

 Magastos. I think I’ll just wait for someone to sell a complete set on eBay or Sulit. :p

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