Let’s try this…

I cringe when I do vanity shots. I can be vain and kikay at times but I am shy in front of the cam. (Ha!) I don’t have the heart. (Haha!)

So allow me to make this outfit post…

outfit of the day
(Skinny Jeans: Bench / Top: thrifted / Necklace as bracelet:  Tiffany / Watch: Solvil et Titus / Satchel bag used as clutch, no brand from eBay but is obviously inspired by the Proenza Schouler PS1 / Gray flats: Lower East SidePayless)

This was only the second time this year I’ve worn a pair of jeans. I prefer to wear dresses, shorts, skirts, or leggings so this night was unusual. I wanted to wear a pair of shorts but husband requested I change. It was raining anyway so I pulled out this old pair of skinny jeans that well..didn’t look really skinny on me. Haha. We were going to a friend’s informal sit-down birthday dinner at home (Happy Birthday Caloy!) so there really was no need to dress up. Kaya ayan.

Before this night, I tried taking a photo of my outfit one Sunday night but I only got this shot:

Floral Print Jacket: thrifted / Top: Details Rockwell / Skirt: Old Navy / Bag: Staccato / Silver Bangle: Charriol (husband’s gift on our 1st Anniversary) /
Silver Flats: Payless

…and this conversation:

R: (click..click..click in front of the mirror)
J: What are you doing?
R: Ugh..vanity shot?
J: Vanity shot at 2AM?! You have got to be kidding me…
R: K fine I give up!

I tried again the next day but…

R: I’m going to SM ha..grocery. Peechur muna please.
J: (grabs the phone from me and starts clicking)
R: Patingin. Ay na ko… delete!


And for tonight…

Denim Dress: thrifted / Bag: Cath Kidston Blue Floral Bucket Bag / Gray Flats: Payless / Earrings: EDSA Central tiangge / Watch: Anne Klein

Hirap pala! I wonder how these popular fashion bloggers manage to do it everyday. I guess it really is something to be passionate about. I love all things fashion (or as I always say it –Fasyon!) but I don’t live and breathe it. I used to consider myself as a fashionista when I was younger but motherhood and my current lifestyle changed all that. I no longer spend hours and prepare my outfit weeks before an event. Mainly because I am at home most of the time, there’s no need to dress up. Pajama or pambahay pwede na.

But…BUT..I still love to shop! Ibang level! I’d like to think my shopping skills and tastes have changed. I go for the more classic choices now. Actually, saying these things make it ironic. Not into fashion but I shop a lot? How do you describe that? Hoarder lang? Shopaholic? Hehe. Tao lang. I’m just a girl, noh.

Do I continue with outfit posts or not? It’s fun but I really am shy. LOL! Perhaps I’ll just post my shopping finds? We’ll see. 🙂

PS: Posting my shopping finds here might subject me to being questioned by the husband. Lagot. 🙂


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