Loving Instagram

I’m on Facebook fasting and I’m trying to lessen my time on Twitter because some posts break my heart. I’m trying to leave away from those two so I’ve been spending more time blogging, reading, and on Instagram.

Instagram is one revolutionary photo sharing app available in iOS devices. Revolutionary for me because it stirred many other apps and services like the Webstagram, Honeygram, InstaPrint, Copygram, Tweegram, and some copycats like the PENpic iPhone app. (All these apps I wrote about for work HERE.)

It’s been very addicting. Using fun filters turns shots into more creative and lomo-like photos for sharing. I don’t remember when I started using the app but to date, I have uploaded 153 photos, have 48 followers, and am following 87 IG users.

My first photo was taken and uploaded 27 weeks ago:

Noah and Baby Bear

Browsing through my IG photos, I noticed that mostly are photos of food that I just cooked, things I love, and Noah. The baby is my number one subject obviously.

I like the fact that it’s public but not too public. Not too public in the sense that not everyone can comment unlike in Facebook or Twitter when you can get unsolicited, sometimes foul remarks and comments which I hate. I like to share stuff but I really don’t need to know people’s reactions so IG is okay for me. At least right now when I only have a few followers and the photo sharing network is not yet populated with Internet addicts.

I’m not a snob, okay. It’s just that Instagram has a different kind of crowd. I’d like to say the Apple kind of crowd but that’s not it. I just want to say umm, the cooler crowd. Haha. 😀

Anyway, here are some of my favorite Instagram posts:

Pepper LunchNoah

Noah and Joshuaanniversary cake

etch a sketchNoah



You may view my Instagram photos on Web.stagram. For the Android users, you can download the Honeygram from the Android Market. Or you may join the craze by getting an iPhone, iPod touch, or an iPad and dowloading the Instagram app. 😀

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