Me?! At 75?!

i wrote this for my psych 101 lang..i just feel like posting this…im so tamad to write these days eh…

Me?! At 75?!

I still couldn’t imagine myself after I graduate and now this.

It is a difficult task and yet fun to think so and reflect on the possibilities of what would I become when I am old. Would I grow fat? Would my skin sag? Would my future husband still find me attractive? Better yet, would I end up an old maid? The questions racing through my mind are endless the moment my teacher gave this as an assignment. I don’t have the answers either. It’s just so hard to think of my future in times likes this that I still don’t know what directions to take.

At 75, I would probably look like my lola. That is, fat. That is the most probable thing to happen to me since all my titas and lolas are on the heavy side. But then, I vowed to myself that would never happen. I want it better if I could maintain the figure I have now. In that way, my future husband granting he’d be alive by then would still have his eyes on me. J I would probably still be “beautiful”(yeah right..) for true beauty never fades. Sure, skin would sag, more lines visible, dry skin and all. All manifestations of old, I would surely have and experience.

I wouldn’t let any beauty doctors(surgeons) touch me. I honestly wouldn’t let them regain my young looks. Surgery actually came to my mind but that is one thing I really wouldn’t do. It is my philosophy that I show my real age. If I am young, I’ve got to show I’m young. And when I’m old, I obviously got to show that I am really aging. I don’t wanna be called “trying hard” when that time comes. Health doctors should only be my friends for I know that my body would eventually tire and deteriorate. Rheumatixm, heart attacks, cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease perhaps? Any illness could strike me when I’m aging. One thing for sure, I’ll start living a healthy life at this age so sickness would be prevented and not afflict me.

How I wish I could still do in the future whatever I can do now. At this age, I now find it hard to run and I tire easily. I would always wish that I were a kid again, to be able to run like there’s no tomorrow. So if you ask me how’s my health gonna be like, I don’t know. I would wanna know. Probably all sickly. It is such a scary thought.

I remember a friend asking me I would still be kikay when we grow old. I said yes. This is one thing that I would never forget in my life. And that is to be presentable all the time. I would obviously need that when I’m 75 so as not to look like a poor and weak lola. But my preferences would just be different—mature should I say. No matter what, I would be a “lola fashionista”. J

Reah at 75.Old.Weak.Still nice. Mother. Wife. The greatest of them all is being a grandmother to many beautiful and bright kids. This is something to look forward to, more exciting ever than having a husband. I would want to live as long as the Lord allows me to live just to witness and be with my future grandchildren. It is probably amazing to see you own fruits. That is a sight to see and a moment to behold. Kids calling me Lola Yang. I promise myself that I would be a very good lola.

75 years old??? That would be 56 years from now. Such a long way to go. But I hope I reach that old, old age. God-willing, that long life…sagging skin, health deteriorating, irritable…would not be wasted away. Many things would still happen before I reach that age. But for now, all I need to do is enjoy life to the fullest and excitedly look forward to a beautiful ahead of me.J

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