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Because I live and breathe the Internet, I expect most companies, both international and local, to be accessible all the time. Websites are the most common form of marketing but unfortunately, local companies or those based in the Philippines do not update theirs regularly. Facebook or Twitter accounts are more often updated than corporate websites.

One company website though that is always accessible and reliable is Meralco. Even before we receive a hard copy of a particular month’s electric bill, I already know how much because I receive it on my e-mail. Actually, even before Meralco sends a notification e-mail, I could already check by logging in to my Meralco E-bill. I could even check the electric bill of my parents’ and our previous’ residences so I know how much have been generated and who haven’t been paying for months.

Just recently, Meralco launched its very own mobile app. Officially called as the Meralco Virtual Engine or MOVE,  this is a free app especially designed for Filipinos. The app suite includes six apps that can be accessed from any iOS, Android, or BlackBerry device–smartphone or tablet–your choice.

Official Meralco Virtual Engine MOVE App-Suite
Official Meralco Virtual Engine MOVE App-Suite

Like any iPhone user, I immediately downloaded the Meralco MOVE App from the AppStore. I love the fact that Meralco wanted to offer assistance to customers who are often online. For a techie like me, I really appreciate and support such apps. (iPhone apps!)

Here are a few screenshots of the Meralco app as I used it:

Meralco Virtual Engine Move iPhone App
Meralco App Intro Page | Meralco AppCal About
Meralco Virtual Engine Move Android App
Meralco Bayad Center Listing | Meralco Office Directory
Meralco Virtual Engine Move BlackBerry App
Meralco Appliance Calculator | Power Maintenance Schedule
Meralco Virtual Engine Move Windows Phone App
Meralco E-Bill LoginE-Meralco Bill

And then the Bright Ideas app shows a few Meralco Bright Ideas for the home:

Meralco Bright Ideas MOVE meralco mobile app
Meralco Bright Ideas MOVE Mobile App
Meralco Bright Ideas MOVE Mobile App
Meralco Bright Ideas MOVE Mobile App

The six MOVE apps were developed to provide Meralco customers ease and convenience in managing our electricity concerns.

Let’s take a look at some of the apps:

1. Apps that offer location help
a. Meralco Office Directory –You can find the nearest Meralco office in your area
b. Bayad Center – Find out where you can conveniently pay your Meralco bill

2. Apps for consumption control
a. Meralco Appliance Calculator – Easily compute the amount of electricity an appliance consumes
b. Bright Ideas – Learn better ways to use and save on electricity

3. Apps that help in planning ahead
a. Power Maintenance Schedule – Stay up to date on the power maintenance schedule in
your area
b. E-Meralco bill –View your latest bill even when you’re on the go

The MeralcO Virtual Engine App Suite is currently free for download from the App Store, Google Play, and BlackBerry App World. Sadly, no version for Windows yet but I’m hoping a Meralco app for Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8 will be developed soon. We’ll see.

If you own an iOS, Android, or BlackBerry device, feel free to download the Meralco Mobile App and test it. Feel free to share your # MeralcoMOVE experience or let me know if you see any bugs.

For more details on the Meralco MOVE App, please visit or follow @meralco on Twitter.

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