Modern Vintage Pillows

I went to ARQ Curtains’ Bodega Sale earlier this afternoon and I went crazy shopping for curtains and pillowcases! I finally completed the Modern Vintage Collection. I bought several pairs of curtains under the CORTINA Line and new throw pillow cases. Why, their P500 pillowcases were down to P100! I’m not kidding! The curtains they usually sell for P1,000 per panel are down to P400….lowest was P150. I think only a few will understand this craziness. Pillows and curtains? Aanhanin ko yun. If you’re a true-blue homemaker, you’d understand. Thank God I have a husband who understands why I love such stuff and appreciates our home. 🙂

I’ll post more photos soon of the Bodega Sale. You can still score great quality curtains at such affordable prices. PS: I got lots of freebies from the sale too. The Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe pillows I wanted to buy were given as gifts from the owner Sir Alex. Thank you, sir!!! I saw the Jackie O. on display and bought one.

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