More of Jesus

more of jesus 2

I want to know Jesus more. May this year be the year that my Lord and I are closer than ever. I desire to walk closely with Him as I learn to abide in His Word each day.

Is that possible? Absolutely. As long as I keep the fire burning in my heart…this desire…this longing to be in His presence all the time. Only by His grace.

God’s Word is true. It is my prayer this year that I would get to know my Lord like never before. I desire to be more fit physically this year but I hope to me more spiritually healthy.

I want to have that insatiable hunger for the Living Word and a thirst for righteousness.

I want that “never a day goes by that I don’t read the Bible” kind of life.

I want more of Jesus.

This 2014, may I learn to abide in You.

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