My Mommy Notebook (Part 2)

Who knew parenting could be so challenging? I was faced with this challenge only this year and I know it’s only the beginning. At times, I’m at lost for words not knowing the right way to deal with my son. I thought I knew how from observing other parents before me but it’s different when you’re already in a particular situation to calls for a time-out and discipline.

That is why I try to learn from reading. I’ve started My Mommy Notebook a couple of months ago but it’s been a while since I last shared. Here’s the next set of “Mommy Tips”  I gathered from various books I’ve read.

My prayer now is for young mothers like me to be interested in nurturing the spiritual lives of their children. It’s never too early to start them in loving and living for God.

  • You can plan and plant the future of your children by way of preventive praying.
  • Into fitness? You can use exercise time as time of worship to God. Anything you do can actually be a time of praise and worship to the Lord.
  • Decide not to get bitter. Get better and God will give you a new beginning.
  • You can be a wife of noble character. Begin by making a small change today.
  • Ask God to give you wisdom when you talk to your children about being pure before marriage. Explain to them the Living Word of God.
  • Plead the blood of Jesus for protection for your families, every morning, and every night.
  • You can always plan for the future of your children, your families, but God’s plans will always prevail. Allow Him to show you the path.
  • A mother should be responsible in providing a spiritual heritage for your children.
  • Follow His priorities for your lives and you can be sure He will be pleased with you.
  • You cannot redo your past or remake your nature but God delights in changing you. Allow Him to help you become more and more like Jesus Christ.
  • Cherish the simple and be humble as the King Jesus was.

I wish to become a good homemaker but I think that becoming a good mother should be a priority. Those two are different. You can beat Martha Stewart as a domestic diva but not be a good mother. There has to be a balance. It’s hard I tell you. This journey into godly motherhood in this day and age is a challenge but I know our Heavenly Father will be there to help me. I hope other moms realize this need too.

Any mommy tips you want to share?

Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.
Psalm 126:5-6

PS: I’m going to the Yes Mommy: How to Talk so your Child will Listen and Understand seminar. Who wants to join me? 🙂

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