Noah is turning 3!

It just dawned on me that my son is turning 3 next month. Time flies so fast! I’m currently planning a small party for him to be held a week after we get back from Thailand. When I say small, it’s gonna be family only. As much as I want to invite a lot of friends, his classmates, and church mates, we can’t. We weren’t really planning on having one because we’re going out of town but during my niece Jam’s last birthday at Jollibee, he had a grand time with the kids and Jollibee. So yeah, it’s going to be a Jollibee party.

He just learned to sing “Happy Birthday” and has been practicing everyday. He already knows how to blow the candle too.

I guess he’s at that stage when he can understand what’s going on around him. He still speaks gibberish but I know he understands whatever we are telling him. He’s been saying a few sentences, trying to communicate with us by saying “please” and “thank you” a lot of times.

This uber active toddler is starting to behave too. It’s been a challenge but he has mellowed down a bit. I can finally bring him to the grocery without having a heart attack. 😀

This motherhood– parenthood for me and my husband, has been a wonderful journey. Roads are rough but thank God for guiding us. We are thankful that we have a Father we can ask about raising this kid.

He’s turning 3. That means my husband is getting a year older too as the daddy’s birthday comes a day after. I believe that God really set that to happen— Noah being born on November 9 and Joshua on November 10. God’s humor.

It’s gonna be a back-to-back celebration for our little family. Will you celebrate with me by saying a prayer for them? That’s all I’m asking. 🙂

On my boys’ November 9 and November 10 birthdays:

“THESE ARE THE DAYS the Lord has made.
Let us rejoice and be glad in THEM.”
Psalm 118:24 (my version)

Allow to me share with you an old video we played during his Noah’s Ark-theme dedication party:

Art and Video By: Claudine Rodriguez


PS: But…it won’t hurt though if you sponsor something for Noah’s birthday. Better yet–the whole party… (Ate?!) Hahaha!



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