Nuffnang Blogopolis ONLIne in the Philippines Blogging Event

Ever since I decided to go back to blogging, life has been more exciting. Walang halong biro but I feel so alive! Haha! 😛

I was recently talking to a former colleague, sharing with her how fun it is to blog again. A lot of us have been bitten by the bug too. You see, it was also a decision for me to DO MORE. I have work so I am online all the time. But majority of those hours were spent on Twitter, Facebook, blog-hopping, stalking, etc. I was  wasting my time. But since I started blogging again, I became  busy with more important things like reading, researching for topics, testing mobile apps, reviewing, helping other start ups, attending a conference, and meeting new people. I guess I missed meeting people IN PERSON after being stuck at home for more than five years now.

And so I want to go to this Nuffnang Blogging Event on Sunday, November 18. I haven’t decided yet because that weekend, I’d be very busy. It’s a ticketed event too so that means I’d have to spend again. But this could also be an investment. You meet new people and get new opportunities.

The Philippine blogosgphere has so much changed since I left the corporate world. It’s a bit scary because of all the bloggers out there who can write about a certain person or brand that could make or break an image. I find this one overwhelming too. How can I thrive in the Philippine blogging scene? Earning from this isn’t my objective. Why I’m blogging again? I’m blogging for LOVE and for GOD. I decided no more ranting or hate posts. I just want to share my thoughts. Who knows, I might be able to help or inspire other people.

I still have 4 days to decide. I know my husband won’t mind me going. It’s just that this weekend is full. Can I still squeeze this event? It’s a 9AM to 9PM event. Ang tagal! Pano ba to?! Sana may mag magandang loob at mag-sponsor. 😀

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