October 2005

Friday, October 21
Wala Lang….

After my Clickthecity-ish posts, I have finally decided to revive my blog and get serious with it. I haven’t been in the mood lately to blog. And yeah, I’m pretty sure you notice it.i’ve got lots to talk about but by fingers won’t let me. Even if I’m always online. ….my will says no and I dont  have the luxury of time either. Blog entries sit on my office pc and never find their way to  cyberworld. Now, allow me rant and rave in snippets. I just want you to update on what has happened, is happening, and will happen..Read  on.

> My officemate Rheena decided to leave for Shanghai. She’s there already. It was so unexpected. I had a hint it was coming but didn’t think about it could be a reality and that soon. I was for a moment shocked when I heard the news from other people but the moment the truth hit me…I was disoriented. I knew her leaving would mean something for me and that would mean more responsibility. But I guess God has other plans for her and for me. I am happy that she’s finally one step closer to her dreams. I know how much she wants that to happen …and now she’s gone…onto the land of the chinky-eyed and bicycles. I remember her saying, “opportunity knocks only once so I might as well grab it”.

Her leaving did me good however. I knew that her responsibility would be cascaded to me. I knew how much the boss was crushed with the decision so I promised him I’ll stay and won’t leave the team just yet. So for more than a month or so, I am a hen mothering 4 beautiful SEO chicks…all smart and talented…in-charge of what could be the country’s elite SEO gurus..hehe.  The weekly pep talks by macalua is getting to me…uugh!

> A few days after I found out of the changes at work, I experienced something so bad..i was deeply hurt and disappointed. My brother reformatted our pc and  unfortunately..very  unfortunately…missed  to copy my folder . It was so funny because that morning, I was only thinking of how i’d feel if my blog entries are deleted when motime suddenly decides to shut it down. I know I’d be very disappointed..but hey, not that soon. Why do I have to go through such? My files were so important. That missed folder had all my school papers, thesis, published and unpublished essays, poems, and plans for the future. Sayang. I was so nanghihinayang talaga. The moment I found out about it..(i had to find out for myself pa)…i screamed and hated my brother for what he did..or rather undid..i was throwing a fit. I so forgot my temper I pounded the mouse and the monitor.i was screaming so hard and stomping.. our house was shaking..(exag..but just imagine my anger..). I was outraged! I was trying to calm myself but failed. I thought I was going to have a heart attack . I was even having a hard time breathing. I was bawling like a kid..like crazy. And man…i just wont stop. My brother locked himself up in his room and we didn’t talk for days. I asked my boyfriend to call me. Talking to him didn’t do any good either because i was crying the whole time. He had to endure one crazy girlfriend. I was so depressed. The times and the thought I’ve spent on my writings were suddenly put into oblivion…into nowhere…into nothing. Just that. Kaput. Zero. Zilch. Nada. No more…i have nothing to show to the world . Just this, and this, a small magazine space, and 1/4 of a newspaper. My precious words are lost. I am silenced.

> The next day, I went crazy coz I found out that Polly (my mini) had a small chip off her edge. I still don’t know how it happened. Knowing that made me more what to buy an ipod photo in the future. I won’t sell Polly though, I’d probably give her to my bro. But not anytime soon, gimme at least a year and allow me to buy and itrip first. Wink wink.

> As already mentioned, macalua‘s pep talks are getting to me. His vision of being the Philippine’s top SEO gurus is appealing to me. Being in the industry for more than a year now has allowed me to know the wonders of search engine optimization. I more than like to make it happen. All I need is a new pc and a DSL connection. Calling all sponsors…

So there..this entry sounds so pilit though. Gawd.


Here are few sites I find so interesting. Feel free to visit ’em and tell me what you think.

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Thursday, October 20


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