I’ll try to make this my permanent home in cyberspace. I haven’t renewed my old site (www.reah.info) so I decided to finally get this.

I had a hard a time deciding which domain to buy. And then I thought why not just blueberry010.com since I’ve been using that handle for more than a decade now.

But why BLUEBERRY010?

It was my first Yahoo ID. When I first registered an e-mail address back in 1998, some of my high school friends were using fruits as nicknames.  I joined the bandwagon. The 010, I only meant to add the 10 (ten) to represent my then crushes’ initials. Yep, crushes. Plural. 10 for J. Unfortunately, my husband Joshua wasn’t included in my crush list then. Hihi.

So yeah, I think this will be ‘HOME’.


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