Original Ink VS Ink Refill

I never liked the idea of using ink refills for my HP printer until last month when I had to buy new ink cartridges for Noah’s 3rd birthday. I knew I’d be printing a lot of stuff but I didn’t want to spend much. I decided to try ink refills and finally gave in to this cheap alternative.

The nearest refill kiosk in our place is Cartridge Land at the SM Hypermart. The blank ink refill cost only P200 while the color ink refill was P250. The P450 total price wasn’t bad compared to the P350 and P450 I’d have to pay for the original cartridges. I asked the staff if she could assure me that using refills are safe. Obviously, she answered yes. She gave me tips how to properly take care of the cartridges and reminded me that eventually, I’d have to buy new ones.

Using our HP 6070 All-in-One Printer, I photocopied (scanned and printed) one page from The Brick Bible New Testament.

Compare these two pages:

Original color page on the left; Printed page on the right
Left: Scanned and Printed | Right: Original
Scanned and printed using ink cartridge refill
Printed with ink refill

My verdict? Okay. Good. Pwede na. Not bad at all.

The colors weren’t as true to what I see on the screen and as expected but good enough for mass printing. Since I’m into DIYs and crafting, I use the printer more often now. I think I’ll use ink refills from now on since they’re cheaper but still offer (almost) the same print color quality. 🙂

How about you? Have you tried using ink refills on your printer?

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