okay, I may be raving too late considering that most of my blogmates have already said something about ‘it’. the movie is definitely good. is it my fault that I wasn’t so interested with it? even before, I just didn’t get into the lotr phenomenon. I saw the first film in vcd but just slept throught it. all I knew about it was there was this ring that for some reason landed in elijah wood character’s hands and that there was sauron who was anxious to have it. i didn’t manage to re-watch it and see the second film. as I’ve said, I was just not interested. there.

I did try reading the book though. im about to finish the first book actually.thank God. I wanted to read everything before I watch rotk but it would take me a lot of time. somebody bought a pirated vcd of rotk and I tried watching but it was so pangit. the copy I mean. of course, what do I expect? I told myself that im definitely watching it in the big screen. and so I did together with my sis and her husband. twas such a bummer coz I have no one to cuddle with. hehe. twas so cold inside the moviehouse. my ate was actually worrying that I might die of hypothermia. harhar. the disadvantages of having no boyfriend. plus, megamall’s copy must have been gasgas na. really. kenis. pangit.

but twas okay, the movie was good. really good. It was good that I started reading the book so somehow I knew the characters and the story. my mind was oh so thinking a lot. I’ve had many realizations. I couldn’t help but notice (or atleast twas just me) that there were Christian themes in there. ha…cmon, tell me im overreacting. that im over-spiritualizing things? I just likened that war to the battle of armaggedon. the good vs the evil. I nearly cried because I remembered that I didn’t want my loved ones to be destroyed by evil. I was reminded that I should pray unceasingly for them.

and then there was the part when Aragorn was being crowned. he looked liked Jesus diba? I just thought of the future. when finally good will triumph evil and that Jesus would reign. the dialogue sounded so biblical (or so I think?). and then there was Arwen brought before the new king, I likened her to the bride—us. when Christ and His bride would finally embrace because finally the time has come. and then the part when everybody else bowed down before the four great hobbits. aragorn said that they bow to no one. I just remembered what’s written in the Bible that ‘he who humbles himself shall be exalted’. the hobbits were small.they did great. they suffered much. but they however conquered evil. they’re like the humble. their suffering and humility paid off because they were exalted even by the king.

don’t blame me friends if I see the movie in that way. the movie, so good to be true, made me realize that I should go back to praying for my unsaved loved ones. i know that ‘the battle’ in the end of days is way worse than that. believe me. I know. it is written man.

another thing, a great friendship was shown in the movie. sam was such a bestfriend. i wish to have a friend like him. one who’ll never leave you even if you tell he to. but more than finding one, I think I wanna be more of a friend like him. (oooooh..i can imagine my ate blurting out on tv, “don’t look for the right the right person”..hehe..)

great. the movie was just great. everything about it was great. sm cinema was just not.

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