> halikinu or barbie??? the latter…
> hilung-hilo na ko..waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
> had no driver last night…shucks! so i had to commute..ride at the back of the trike coz i was running late for my rendezvous with jm…sheesh!
> had to commute again this morning..usok—i hate!!!
> i’ve been OT-ing(ano daw?) …grabe…ako ba to?!
> i have a new fone..was supposed to buy a motorola but fortunately twas out of stock…walking past that megacell stall at the shang’s foodcourt..saw another phone that i’ve been wanting to buy..geeez..the phone was calling my attention so i had to heed…can i help it? it’s been 2 weeks and now i ask…”new phone???so what?”…that’d be the not buying another one…unless…unless…unless…
> so, the needles would be shooting their music video and they won’t be getting amanda or jolina m..siyaks!gusto ko pa naman si jolens!!! haha..ok diba..stig! para agaw-atensyon…sikat agad! yiha! mismo!
> i’ts still unofficial…
> i want pink,white,light blue,and black jackets!!!
> i’m praying for an ipod or a digicam…hope besty reads this..
> squatter…that’s what i am…hard to work when you’re not on your station..aaargh!
> i don’t mind being married to a long as there’s lot of moolah..hahahaha!
> i wanna buy a new guitar..God, pengeng lotsa money?hihihi..
> to date or not to date a student… date or not to date a working girl….belat!

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