Starbucks 2013 Planner Philippine Edition

I only got to see the actual Starbucks Planner today while at the North Luzon Expressway branch in Pampanga. Ang layo naman?? We were on our way to the Clark Airport and we stopped over for lunch at Lutong Bahay and dessert at Starbucks.

Starbucks Pampanga Branch

Starbucks 2013 Journal comes in three colors: black, white, and green

This year’s planner design is almost the same as last year’s except for the cover. It looks bigger too. I got 3 stickers already and I’m aiming for the green Starbucks journal. Go green! :p

My husband saw the sticker album and said, “Gusto mo ulit ng planner? Sige madali lang yan.” Looks like he’s supporting me again. 😀

2 thoughts on “Starbucks 2013 Planner Philippine Edition

    1. hehe. naka 3 lang ako. sapilitan lang to nakikijoin ako. hahaha. pero dahil nga coffee drinker na si josh, sige na rin. hihi. pwede na yung sa coffee bean rin. 🙂

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