Sunday, September 28

once again, the showbiz people have taken over the news scene. Kris and Joey are at it again. Eversince Kris disclosed that Joey pointed a gun on her, much have been said on the issue. From the masa to the socialites, everybody’s talking about it. The media are taking advantage of the situation. They’re feasting on both kris and joey, but more specifically on the former who appears to be the poor victim. The seemingly intelligent programs on tv are even using them as topics. Oh well…that’s how the ‘media’ makes money.

another thing…my nun-teacher even wants to include the issue on our final exams…now that’s something…sheeesh…I bet she’s joking..duh..

when people ask me of my opinion on the issue, I would just shrug and say that ‘tanga kasi si kris eh’…sorry for the word…but I think she really is..she was…she still is…whatever…I mean, in the first place she shouldn’t have gone into that kind of relationship knowing that her past one was a failure. She never learned…really. She’s so smart and yet when it comes to love…sure, joey wronged her but that wouldn’t happen if she didn’t give into him. i’ve always seen joey as a babaero and everybody knows that. Now…how could she have forgotten that??? I thought she’s smart…but hey..who am I to judge her lovelife??? When I still haven’t been in love?? another thing… bad things would really happen if you don’t follow your parents….she didn’t listen…so there goes the consequences.

Similarly, joey was..well…joey. I respect him as a mayor but not really as a person. What he did was totally wrong…I can never defend him…he should have thought of the probable consequences of his actions..but hello?!!?! Again..who am to I judge??

Excuse me reah, pero kanina ka pa dada ng dada eh??

Ooops! Sorry…im so fed up with the issue kasi…I think most of the people are now… pag pray na lang natin…not ‘na lang’…correction: but we have to!!

anyway, is this how love is supposed to be??? NO.

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